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  1. I'd like some more information. My email is maioranost@yahoo.com.
  2. We are an online auction draft keeper league. Our draft is scheduled for Sunday, March 15th at 9:00am est and we have one opening. The entry fee is $300 and we use CBS. LeagueSafe is used for the money.We have a 30 man major league roster & a five man minor league roster. You will be able to keep up to 5 players from your 30 man roster and up to 5 minor leaguers. Keepers and payment are due a week before the draft, March 8th. The hitting categories are: OBP, Hits, Runs, HR, RBIs & SB-CSThe pitching categories are: ERA, WHIP, SV+HD, K, K/BB & QSThe open team has Ro
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