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  1. Dynasty h2h OBP Tim Anderson Lance McCullers Trevor Larnach or Carlos Correa ? What side I’m need of a arm
  2. Dynasty h2h obp neeed 3rd base n power was offered moose k Hayes for segura sixto ? I like sixto but I like getting that boost at 3rd base is it enough ?
  3. H2h obp Catg was offered kyle tucker nate Pearson for my Blackmon Thor ? What you guys think with Thor getting Tj
  4. Team A Blackmon Manoah Team B Whitley and Bobby Witt dynasty h2h obp
  5. Dynasty h2h obp 6x6 Catg what side Team A Villar Nomar Mazara Team B Xavier Edwards Charlie Blackmon
  6. I still have Thor Strasburg as my aces other mid level guys are weaver luchessi uquidy etc.. if I lose sale..my ss is turner so I would have Mondesi I may never lose in SB for the week
  7. Dynasty h2h obp was offered for my chris sale 2 trades from the owner...mondesi and Charlie Morton for sale or Whitley and mondesi for Chris Sale ...do you guys like any of these?
  8. Dynasty h2h obp catg Team A: Mondesi, Nate Pearson Team B : Lux, Charlie Morton , Swanson
  9. Thanks guys and no way I do Morton for renfroe idc how old Morton is
  10. Dynasty h2h obp catg was offered Chris Sale and Renfroe for Morton Lux Corbin Carroll what do you guys think
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