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  1. broken foot is what, 6-8 weeks for the bone to heal and get back to normal motion?
  2. ok, this is getting ridiculous, what a day!
  3. Some context, at least as I remember... Grew up in the region and follow the Twins from about when i first started, etc, etc,... So ...Back when Mauer was having that big season, there was a lot of clamoring among Twins fans that the management had repeatedly been following the "go cheap" route in the recent past, resulting in losing all the "good" players to the big market teams.I''m probably off here, but I believe it was Big Papi, Scott Erickson, Chuck Knoblach, etc there are probably others, and I'm not even sure those players were worth keeping when you consider the cont
  4. Nice to see him starting to adjust and show some of his promise.
  5. Kela is a mental knucklehead too, the guy was left in AAA at the beginning of the season for being unprofessional. Kela deserves a shot at the closer job when he's healthy though.
  6. Claudio, bush, kela - who is getting the next save opportunity for Texas?
  7. 7 for his last 8, with a couple Wongs, I mean dongs.
  8. he was on the 60 minutes cbs news magazine show tonight, now everyone knows he is the next Babe Ruth!
  9. my early season hot horses have cooled off, for sure
  10. Sounds like Adam Dunn circa 2012: 41 HR, 96 RBI, AVG .202, K's 222
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