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  1. Some context, at least as I remember...

    Grew up in the region and follow the Twins from about when i first started, etc, etc,...


    So  ...Back when Mauer was having that big season, there was a lot of clamoring among Twins fans that the management had repeatedly been following the "go cheap" route in the recent past, resulting in losing all the "good" players to the big market teams.I''m probably off here, but I believe it was Big Papi, Scott Erickson, Chuck Knoblach, etc there are probably others, and I'm not even sure those players were worth keeping when you consider the contracts, but anyway, the point is the locals really wanted the GM Bill Smith to sign Mauer to prevent the big bad Yankees from poaching him.  Also around this time the Twins were sneaking into the playoffs and getting their teeth knocked out, usually by the Yanks, so that added to it all.  It was presented like a foregone conclusion and speculated that the Yanks were going to get Mauer to sign the big money contract if the Twins didn't "pony up". 

    As far as being 'roided up, I have no clue, but its clear that catching was tough on him. I believe he ended up on the DL with lower back pain that eventually resulted in some sort of "spinal fusion" procedure. Its pretty clear this is a reason to explain the loss of power and the move to first base.

    I would love someone to update the narrative on this part because I started to be occupied with other persuasions around this time ...


    So in a way, there was a bit of local pressure on the GM to do something to keep Mauer, especially since he grew up in the region and was a "home town boy".

    Summed up: I don't think he was on roids, I know there is a lot of disappointment in his performance, I have no idea if he will stick around once his contract ends...

    Fantasy wise: I pick him up as a fill in/streamer in my 16 teamer on occasion, its a bummer to see players like him have their value plummet precipitously from that point you mention up above when he hit 28 HRs and was looking like a promising C eligible player with high OBP/AVG and Power. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, dsd10988 said:

    I disagree with this. 


    Based on last night's game, it looks like a closer by committee situation until Kela comes back with Claudio/Leclerc available in the 9th based on matchup. 


    In my opinion, Bush looks more comfortable in a set-up role. This is a guy who has shown mental instability throughout his career, it does not seem smart to switch his role every few weeks. Just leave him in a set up role where he's shown consistency since last season and see if Kela can handle the closer job the rest of the season. 

    Kela is a mental knucklehead too, the guy was left in AAA at the beginning of the season for being unprofessional.  Kela deserves a shot at the closer job when he's healthy though.

  3. 3 minutes ago, HaloFanatic17 said:

    This guy is just sitting on the wire in my 12-teamer. Really considering grabbing him but don't know about that average.  What is a realistic line for him at end of season? 40hrs? 90-100rbis? 5-6 steals? Maybe a .215-.220 average?

    Sounds like Adam Dunn circa 2012: 41 HR, 96 RBI, AVG .202, K's 222

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