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  1. Have 1open spot in a ESPN 14team redraft league this a $75 money league thu League Safe, ROTO, 8x8 scoring, deep roster 30+, Live draft snake/date Sun March 21st 2pm ET(11amPT) ESPN / This league will be in its 8th yr going strong tuff competive league Contact gglkk@comcast.net Here is link too settings https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=43567&seasonId=2021 draft is redraft (no keepers) live snake FA /no FAAB /200 player acquestion limit to prevent streaming, most players do less than 100 a year payouts
  2. Redraft league on ESPN, Roto, 12 team, deep rosters 30+, $75 thu LS, 8 x8 scoring, live snake draft Sun March 17th 12pm PT top 3 in payouts gglkk@comcast.net
  3. Salary cap $ contracts? how are creating player turn over every year?
  4. Have 1 opening in a redraft league on ESPN, Roto, 12 team, deep rosters 30+, $75 thu LS, 8 x8 scoring, live snake draft Sun March 17th 12pm PT top 3 in payouts
  5. Hi.


    Just saw your interest in our league:  http://mlbknowitalls.proboards.com


    The previously listed teams were all taken, but we just have a last minute, new opening for the Twins if interested...



    The team needs a full rebuild and has a decent farm to start off plus the #1 MiLB Draft Pick (but is missing 2nd rounder and Franchise Tag) and the first pick in each subsequent round (except 2nd round)... so it's probably best if you are at least reasonably knowledgeable about prospects (and like building w/ them as part of your core).


    Given the team's state, we can allow 2 free player drops plus I'll offer to make 2020 (next year) free assuming you're reasonably active and stick around w/ the league next year.



    If needed, here's our league's official spreadsheet for rostering and payroll details, etc for all the teams:





    Let me know asap if interested... as our Tagging deadline is coming up fast (on 2/6) followed immediately by the RFA process.


    Also, please do tell us a little about yourself, especially your FBB background and experiences.


    FYI, I will be making a new post for the team vacancy instead of adding to the old one...





    1. SultansOfSquat


      Hi again.


      IF still interested, the Cleveland Indians became available again -- the new GM who took over strangely disappeared on us after making a few moves...


      Let me know asap if interested:

      Indians - might still need some sort of retool/rebuild although there are some very solid bats (and a few decent-to-good pitchers) on the team w/ the offense almost ready for competition, including both Arenado (at a fairly reasonable 5-year contract via RFA) and Lindor (at his real life contract to be finalized on opening day) who were both kept from leaving to FA plus Merrifield (on his cheap long term real life contract), Chapman (controlled for at least next 2 years) and Springer (on his final year of control... unless tagged next offseason); does have an ok, if somewhat depleted, farm system... though missing its first 2 rounds of picks in upcoming MiLB Draft


      Do act fast if interested as auctions for the last of the quality FAs will be over very soon, eg. Verlander, Blackmon, Kikuchi...




      Thanks again for your interest...



  6. what I am looking for 16 TM+ money league roto daily lineups keeper/dynasty must have salary cap & player contracts 15+ milb yearly first yr player draft gglkk@comcast.net
  7. one question are you using contracts for players, what do have in place too create some type of player turnover
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