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  1. Ahhh this is what I was looking for damnit lol I posted recently nobody responds
  2. Awesome bud. Keep bumping this post lol. Well get a manager and league looking for teams I ask sure. I am PST in Las Vegas (hence why I can’t do pro Leagues).
  3. It will be the 2nd week of the season and I assume anyone who is trying to start a league wants to get going by week 3 so we will only miss a week or 2. Let me know if anyone has a league preferably through League Safe for the above mentioned preferences.
  4. I’m most likely going to join, but can we consider a different draft date, like a Sunday?
  5. Hey! I’m interested. Can you give a bit more info? Is it pretty close to a Pro League setting? Im actually interested in your league too easy money... Both leaguesafe? Thank you.
  6. Hey, i am interested. 2 questions: 1) this is basically a standard H2H league? 2) the $25 fee is due Nov 6? I am in. Matthew_Levinsky@Yahoo.com
  7. So this is like a standar Pro League type league but without weekly instead of daily!? Would you budge? May be interested.
  8. I'm in. Can you email me information so we can briefly speak. Matthew_Levinsky@Yahoo.com

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