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  1. That's my pitching staff. Nimmo and Sanchez both are on the WW, hence the ROS question...one requires a claim (Sanchez), the other is free for the taking. I personally think Aguilar has earned permanent playing time and the pressure to keep his performance up to keep his lineup spot will make that at least safe for this season. He had another great week and Thames continues to flounder.
  2. Posey is what a catcher looks like when he hits fewer than 12 hr and each one is a surprise. Like a Kobe dunk in the last 3 years of his career. Absolutely get Gary Sanchez. In some of my leagues I punt BA altogether and go ham on the other cats.
  3. DeJong. Buxton is a capsized ship to me this year.
  4. Morrow if we assume a timely return from the DL and good health the rest of the way.
  5. Even though I drafted 10th, this team has an embarrassment of riches. In order to pick up Sanchez, I'd have to drop one other offensive player, and I don't see how I can do that. I'm a big believer in just the one bench player for your offense and the rest SP and RP (usually 3-4, ideally 3 and then one stud like Hader). As for Nimmo, I'm very close to pulling the trigger. Just a little hesitant, since at least Escobar will be hitting 3rd or 4th most nights in a respectable Twins lineup. Thanks for the thoughtful replies, super grateful!
  6. No. Quintana has been the second best pitcher on a 1st place team striking guys out a higher clip than he ever did in the AL, and Schoop has been a replacement level player since returning from the DL with a lot less opportunity for statistical success. I imagine you can get a better 2B for Quintana, at least Eduardo Escobar, and perhaps Javier Baez if you add a mediocre second player, or no one at all if the owner is "less than discerning."
  7. I don't like the idea of giving up Beni for anyone, I honestly think he will end up having a top 5 year, that George Springer will outperform Altuve in most formats, and that second half Bregman will not be far behind. What about Scooter Gennett? You might be able to get him for less. I realize it doesn't get you Nola, but perhaps you can snag someone like Stripling or Flaherty instead and give up less in the process.
  8. DeGrom, and it's a little closer than I thought upon really thinking it through. DeGrom has had some injury scares in the last few years too, but none of them as serious as the yearly Kershaw injury scare, indeed I don't think Kershaw is done with the DL this year either. DeGrom also strikes out more guys at this point than Kershaw, and while that may mean fewer overall W for a Mets team that seems to enjoy the karmic equivalent of a mass murderer, the other counting stats can and will win you matchups, especially in weeks where he pitches twice.
  9. I like the Blackmon side more as well. Like the other user mentioned, unless you have a backup plan for SB already on the team or on the WW, then I wouldn't do the trade, and I expect Blackmon to turn it up soon. Same with Turner. What we've seen from those two guys isn't the best version we will see down the stretch, assuming they both remain healthy.
  10. Same league for both questions,10 cat head-to-head Yahoo! league In a turn of weird events in a Yahoo! free league, Gary Sanchez is on the WW. We all know he has been abysmal in terms of BA but has still provided decent power and RBI production. So, here are the two questions: JT Realmuto or Gary Sanchez ROS? My gut feeling is the latter easily -- less average but better power and RBI, but also probably a lot less games played too. Brandon Nimmo or Eduardo Escobar? Escobar is the weakest player on my team believe it or not, and Nimmo steals bags and just
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