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  1. I tell you what, I haven’t played this style before. I’ll get in. I really want to draft tonight’.Send the invite again...the original one doesn’t work. Where do I pay?
  2. I may get in if you get down to needing one person. I suppose you can also stack categories with this system as well
  3. I don’t like the innings pitched cat as you can add random SP. I know that takes away from ERA and WHIP but still yet. The main reason is the 1-0 after one week standings system.
  4. I may get in. So we are completely redrafting, Starting keepers after this season, and the scoring is normal H2H?
  5. I want out. Apologies, I didn’t read this scoring as in depth as I should. I thought it was normal H2H scoring
  6. My other question are we going to fill by an hour before draft time
  7. I’ll get in. Is Innings Pitched a category and it’s H2H scoring?
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