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  1. Rotisserie Goals? Someday I'm gonna stuff a whole chicken in my mouth.
  2. Don't short Musgrove...HOLD THE LINE.
  3. Pitching is not too bad, if and it's a big if, they can sign Bauer and maybe go with Bauer-Ryu-Pearson-Ray-Stripling (with the last 3 using openers). Keep in mind the AL East has a lot of Rotation problems from all the teams. The Red Sox had a terrible rotation. No telling when Sale comes back and if he's going to be effective. The Orioles have some potential, lots of young starters but generally low K rates. The Rays will always piecemeal a good pitching staff but they did lose Snell and Morton (who ate up some innings). And the Yankees lost Happ and Tanaka with no guarantees from S
  4. Disagree, Springer is a natural slugger with way more natural power than Hosmer. Springer brings a lot to the table. A good leadoff hitter who gets on base. Above average speed though you wouldn't know it from the stolen bases. But he's going to score a lot from 1st or 2nd from the hits of Biggio and Bichette. He also still rates as an above average defender. Rogers Centre is really made well for Springer, good place to hit HRs generally. If it's Buffalo that's even more of a bandbox.
  5. Spring-Time! Congrats for signing one of the biggest FA names out there. Wondering what the batting order will look like: Springer CF Biggio 2B Bichette SS Teoscar RF Vlad Guerrero 1B Lourders Gurriel LF Tellez DH Kirk C Espinal 3B Not sure who their 3B is going to be, they might re-try Vlad at 3B. Rowdy at 1B and DH Teoscar. Then use Grichuk in RF again. But overall, the IF defense would take a hit. Pitching still needs work...we need Bauer !
  6. Brantley to the Astros..this is great news for springer in keeper/dynasty leagues.
  7. Long relief? I don’t see who starts instead. They may use an opener.
  8. Azolay is an interesting 1 dollar spec pick.
  9. I think he’s well worth the risk. The K was only slightly down from his past two years. What killed him was a spike in walks and too many hits allowed. I remember watching his starts and thinking he was getting squeezed a lot. Small sample size of a short year.
  10. An immense talent who often gets overlooked due to the lack of steals and the amazing depth at SS this year.
  11. Yikes, I didn't know we were picking factions. Ok, I'll take Miyagi-Do if you take Cobra-Kai. Like everything else, it's going to depend on cost. There's a lot of High Risk players in and around Moncada's ADP. Moncada's ADP seems to be right around 75. That's not chump change. There's a lot of potentially great players around there. I mean look at a guy around there, JD Martinez. If Moncada get a giant Mulligan due to an easy excuse than so should JDM and his ability to access video tape or whatever. The only difference is JDM had 3 straight years of being a top 15 player. Moncada n
  12. I would actually be happier if he didn't play at all or he was horrible all season. If he had Covid and he was weak and could barely run, doesn't make sense to even play him. His numbers were awful overall and the Sox were a playoff driven team.
  13. I agree about the BA being a big risk and the SBs a bit of a crapshoot. He is extremely fast though, same percentage foot speed as Mookie Betts. Betts has way more skill at it but Teoscar could break out in this department. There was a nice bump in SBs last year. But of course TH was also on base more often. As for the power, he's not a 30 HR guy. Let's put it this way, his lifetime 162 game avg is 33 HRs in a full season. keeping in mind, the Jays have mostly treated him like some kind of 5th Outfielder. He's been given the poop-shoot. No regular playing time and at bats a
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