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  1. He seems to get benched against left handed pitching and constantly in the 8 hole.
  2. I think everyone just assumed that Judge and Stanton would get hurt quickly. Frazier would replace and bat in the middle of the lineup. Even if Judge and/or Stanton go down, I'm not convinced Frazier will be hitting in the middle of the order. It's a long season but there is also a lot of good young talent out there to gamble on.
  3. I wish I could be more original but I would also advise to stay put. Your team should be competitive as it is.
  4. I didn't know he qualified for catcher. I do like him for now. If I were to drop someone it would be Garrett. I don't think he holds that closer's role.
  5. I'd take the Freeman side easily. Not a big Lindor fan anymore. He's got a tough bullpark and had a bad year last year. I don't even think Semien will be that far away when all is said and done. Then it's Freeman and Mize for Giolito. Easy win. Please help
  6. I think I drop Taillon. He's a big injury risk. Isn't throwing too well. Even in his prime, he was never a big strikeout guy. That's not going to sit well against Boston and Toronto this year. Please help
  7. How would you rank the following: Josh Donaldson Eduardo Escobar Kyle Seager Jed Lowrie I have all these guys in a deep benches league. Need to drop 1. Need to drop a 2nd when Bregman comes back. WHIR
  8. I'm ok with this..I mean I knew he wasn't going to break Cal Ripken's Record. I am ok with the occasional day off if he can play in 140 games.
  9. Don't you use running point numbers like 6-3-1 or something like that?
  10. Thanks to Fried Strasberg and Snell, Even if Mahle throws a No hitter today I'll still have an ERA over 5.
  11. Wow, I saw the Bregman thing but Altuve and Yordan too? That's like half their core lineup.
  12. Not a bad little game, but I'm worried about the K rate. We have seen this from Eovaldi before, dominance and then the iceburg.
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