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  1. Hes being dropped with alarming frequency. Hes available now in 3 of my leagues. Had 2 SBs today which brings him to 7 on the season. So project to be around 30. Combined with a good batting average. His power is down, with just 2 hrs so far. But i still say a .290-15-30 line is reasonable. His projections arent far off so why are people panic selling?
  2. In one of my leagues, I got crazy WTF POWN Starting pitching, 12 team H2h league Kershaw Bauer Alex Wood Bumgarner (recently great) Rodon Peralta Manaea Stro Show Pablo Lopez (great except last night)
  3. His underlying stats are a symptom of his being lost, not the cause of his being lost. In aug last year he had a .731 OPS and was dropped by many.
  4. Every time im thinking of dropping him he does something inspiring .. hrs off brubaker and woodruff.
  5. That means Nick Senzel.. he is not available in all leagues but in many he is. Reds have second highest team OPS in baseball.
  6. I think Teoscar Hernandez is a similar comparison, strikes out a lot but monster power and some speed. He's trying to steal those bases anyhow.
  7. 10 runs in the first inning..nice, even better than expected. Poor Marquez owners.
  8. Speaking again about Sf at colorado, looking at michael tauchman
  9. The Giants go to Colorado opening a lot of streaming opportunities. Belt, Longo, Slater and Brandon Crawford. Sneaky SS add.
  10. I'd rather have Degrom, in a QS league he's a top 5 player. Harper is underrated in an OBP league, but not really sure about the Philly team around him for counting stats. Castillo walks too many batters.
  11. I dont think you Need Kike but i know swanson sucked hard to start the season. I dont think Kike is a long term solution. I’d rather ride out Swanson. Pitchers I like German as a good gamble.
  12. I like the Buehler Manny side better too. I assume this is redraft? Machado hasbt been as injury probe as judge and gives you some stolen bases. I do think Gurriel will heat up but a healthy Springer is one of the best OF. Springer vs Judge is kind of a wash, two great injury probe outfielders. Machado blows away gurriel. Bauer is better than Buehler but its not as big a gap as machado:gurriel.
  13. 10 team mixed H2H, 4 Keepers allowed at no cost. Standard categories but with walks too. I somehow manage to find myself in 4th place though I have 3 Mets on my team and Juan Soto. I am worried a bit about losing SBs as Lindor was one of my main category contributors. C Carson kelly 1B Wil myers 2B Kolten wong 3B Devers SS Lindor OF Conforto OF Verdugo OF Jared Walsh Util nelson Cruz Util Isiah Kiner Falifah IL - Juan Soto, Eloy Jiminez Bench Jeff Mcneil, Cj Cron my pitching is pretty good but is not involved as
  14. He’s at 7 Home runs which quietly just makes him just shy of yhe league leaders, while his bat was basically dead in the first week of the season.
  15. He wont be on the WW on every league but in many leagues he's dropped by now..that's a shout out to my boy, Gio Urshela. The Rodney Dangerfield of the Yankees. Had a HR last night, Yankees facing Orioles without Meanie. I think he will soon get a bump in the batting order too.
  16. The Pirates have actually been playing well and are a .500 team. Ironically, the main reason for his lack of saves seems to be too many blowout games for the Pirates side. Sustainable? Probably not. The Pirates will be involved in way more close games.
  17. Where has all the offense gone? In so many of my leagues, there are teams with less than a 3.00 ERA for the season. Lots of teams with a sub .800 OPS.
  18. I have a number of Padres on my main H2H team. Earlier this week they played the Brewers and got Woodruff, Burnes and Houser and hit like .200 against them. He's got a few Cubbies and gets to hit off Anderson and this Josh Lindblom guy who deserves the minor leagues.
  19. A rush of people picked up Domingo germain when he got called up. Didn't anyone realize he has sucked?
  20. It's Miller Time! Brad Miller going into Coors this weekend. He's one of the streakiest hitters ever. With injuries to many Phillies players and his streakiness and Coors, it's a good gamble. He had a .900 OPS 2 years ago. Only question may be a little bit of playing time issue if Didi or Segura come back.
  21. Wow... Turn 41 and contend for MVP. Get sick, come back and hit 2 HRs and 4 RBIs. This guy makes me feel young.
  22. I can assume from your number of posts that you have a lot of history playing fantasy baseball. Than you know not to panic on April 20. Any single player in the dumps can have a hot week and be right back on top.
  23. How the heck does gonzales suck all year and then hold the dodgers to 1 run in 7 innings?
  24. Trout missed a bit of time too, due to covid. Cancelled games.
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