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  1. This guy's turned into total garbage. Now reports come in the Yanks are looking to improve at 2B (frazier or Marte). Gio I'm sure has 3b. Does this mean Lemahieu gets reduced playing time. Gone from Yankees MVP to backup infielder in a year?
  2. You traded Bieber straight up for Acuna?
  3. Lineup hasn't been terrible around him as of late, with Kyle Schwarber and Josh bell pick it up. He's only had a relatively small number of games with the injury.
  4. I thought he finished around 15-17 rank in 2019/
  5. Brad Miller. I recommended him a few weeks ago right before a series in colorado. He continues to hit. 5 hrs and 3 sbs in a handful of PAs.
  6. Curious to know what you gave up for strasberg.
  7. oh well looks like it's time to bump my patented, extra special super-duper "Luck vs Skill" thread.
  8. Because he's been so good, he will face the best part of the bating order. He was brought in during a non save situation against Acuna-Freeman-Ozuna Braves and struck out Acuna and Ozuna.
  9. https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2021/5/20/22444330/texas-rangers-adolis-garcia-is-an-unlikely-breakout Sorry if someone posted and I missed it.
  10. The problem with the tigers is that you are using 2 position spots to try to get the closer on a terrible team. While waiting around for sparce save opportunities, you face the risk of either soto or fullmer imploding. So you need lots of patience, hold 2 roster spots and deal with 2 high risk pitchers. Only if you are desperate for saves.
  11. I meant SSS in terms of number of players who perform badly following the singing of a big contract.
  12. I hope you have some detailed evidence here, because this is just circumstantial evidence based on a small sample size.
  13. If Gary Sanchez has been dropped, he's heating up and the Yankees have a Great schedule vs Texas.
  14. Just a stab here, but I'm thinking sooner or later Chatwood becomes the Jays' closer.
  15. Jazz Chisholm or Connor "Trader" Joe Who's got the best name in baseball?
  16. Greg Soto has 13 BB in 16 innings and leads the majors in wild pitches with 5. Although its ridiculous to have a guy that wild as your closer, he will probably stick due to Hinch. But i think Fulmer has to close by end of May.
  17. Anyone want to speculate on the Reds? I think Doolittle is out based on usage. Antone or Sims? Or true Cbc?
  18. Hes being dropped with alarming frequency. Hes available now in 3 of my leagues. Had 2 SBs today which brings him to 7 on the season. So project to be around 30. Combined with a good batting average. His power is down, with just 2 hrs so far. But i still say a .290-15-30 line is reasonable. His projections arent far off so why are people panic selling?
  19. In one of my leagues, I got crazy WTF POWN Starting pitching, 12 team H2h league Kershaw Bauer Alex Wood Bumgarner (recently great) Rodon Peralta Manaea Stro Show Pablo Lopez (great except last night)
  20. His underlying stats are a symptom of his being lost, not the cause of his being lost. In aug last year he had a .731 OPS and was dropped by many.
  21. Every time im thinking of dropping him he does something inspiring .. hrs off brubaker and woodruff.
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