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  1. Love Gausman and Domingo German for sleepers.
  2. 1st used to be better .. when it was trout as runaway choice first overall. I think the best is 4th because I’d be overall happy with Soto trout Acuna Or Betts. Then I think there’s a bit of a drop off. I’m not as super high on Tatis jr. I won’t pick a pitcher in the first round unless maybe Degrom in the back of the first. I assume it’s redraft
  3. Looks fine by me.. only question is why is both ops and TB being counted? League is so biased towards power that will help in HR OPS and TB. I love Tommy Edman but given the format, it might be wise to find more power here. Also don’t know about your k/9.
  4. If he's platooning, how is he a reasonable late round fantasy pickup? I very much doubt Dubon plays ahead of him if he's healthy, but we'll see. Costs nothing to gamble.
  5. Piscotty doesn't know bout Fiona and me.
  6. Might be reading this wrong but: Player Note Sat, Mar 13 Austin Slater hit a three-run bomb to help propel the Giants to a 5-4 victory over Cleveland on Saturday. Advice: After being sidelined on precaution for hamstring issues, Slater returned to the top of the Giants lineup in great fashion. Though a potential super-utility player, manager Gabe Kapler confirmed that Slater will stick in the outfield in 2021. In 2020, the 28-year-old posted a .914 OPS in 104 plate appearances, and is a reasonable late-round fantasy pickup. (NBCSportsEDGE.com)
  7. Here are my Bold Predictions: 1) Tommy Edman emerges as a top 5 Second Baseman, posting a .300-15hr 30 steal line. 2) James McCann is the number 1 ranked catcher by season's end. 3) Eric Hosmer continues to increase his launch angle and hits 30 Hr's + by season's end. 4) Jacob Webb eventually makes it into the Braves rotation and wins 7-10 games. 5) Max Fried wins NL cy young Award, beating out Degrom Darvish and Bauer. 6) Dansby Swanson finishes as a top 5 fantasy shortstop (though it was close last year, this is still kind of bold due to Lindor, Story, Tatis, Seager etc) 7)) Domingo German wins 15-20 games and has an ERA under 3.50. 8 ) Ronald Acuna Jr Disappoints and hits under .260 9) The Stro show, wins 15-20 games and has an ERA under 3.50, with a decent WHIP and K rate to boot. 10) Both Aaron Hicks and Austin Slater are top 100 players by seasons end.
  8. People are forgetting just how great this guy was in 2020. Confirmed every day Left fielder for the giants. No utility role. Very small sample size, I know, but he basically showed 25/40 potential. Walks went right up and K's went right down. All upside for a dirt cheap price. he got hurt a little early in spring. He's batting in the back half of the order but I doubt this will last, it's probably just to give him fewer at bats to take the pressure off his recovery. A guy like this just needs to be owned in deeper formats 12 teams or more. Super sleeper potential.
  9. It's crazy but O'neil has top 10 in MLB sprint speed. He could steal 20 bases no problem.
  10. I think it's because he could bat 7th or 8th on the Yankee lineup. He shouldn't. But it could happen.
  11. I have some old Blue Jays rookie cards lying around the house. Does a Jimmy Key rookie card also go for thousands? Say yes and be my new best friend.
  12. Is this one of those Non Fungible Token things like those NBA Hotshots going for thousands?
  13. They were batting Biggio for a while in the 7th hole in ST. Very dangerous now.
  14. At first glance there’s not much to like about Aaron Hicks. Poor average, mediocre power and a bit of speed. But fantasy baseball much like real estate investing can sometimes be an investment based on the 3 golden rules: location location location. Boone seems to just love him and Bats him often 3rd in the order. Sometimes it’s just 4-6. Why he’s seen as reliable is a mystery. But he should be able to just roll out of bed and score 80 or more runs and rbis. Another point of interest, his k rate fell and his walk rate elevated last year. He has long been dealing with various injuries which could account for some stats. he probably won’t hit 3rd so long as judge and Stanton are healthy but how often have these guys been healthy? can probably be picked up on the sly for the 1-5 dollar range. Easy profit here.
  15. Very underrated player. I think the Yankees trust him now. Was on pace for a really nice season. Can sneak in there and go for next to nothing on draft day.
  16. I love this kind of post. Going out on a limb and really thinking outside the box. KC definitely improved in the off-season and won’t throw out Alex gordon out there. biggest problem for them is easily their rotation. Brad Keller is their “ace” but has a terrible k/bb ratio. Rest of the rotation is unreliable at best. Tigers suck but do have some interesting young pitchers who could improve. The other teams in their division simply have better starting pitching.
  17. Could be a real nice sleeper. You know the run support is going to be there. His K rate is always pretty good. His WHIP was impressive. What kills him are all the HRs. But I say this is going to correct a little. Even if his ERA is around 4.00, with the wins and K's you turn a nice profit. Don't overlook.
  18. Well keep in mind he barely walked an hit a ton of hrs and doubles, I think he only had like 15 non extra base hits and still stole 2 bases.
  19. Probably not a buck but like 1-5 bucks. Which falls in line with his avg cost according to yahoo.
  20. Had 500 pa in 2017. 2018 was terrible. But in 3/4 past seasons having him play on your team yielded incredible profit. He’s still just 27 years old.
  21. This guy is just too incredibly talented to ignore . Had like 13 hrs in around 150 plate appearances. Also the fastest regular player in baseball. Doesn’t walk much and gets hurt a lot. But I think, given some of the Twins other injury prone guys and a few losses, he’s not batting 9th anymore. For a dollar why wouldn’t I bite?
  22. Rotisserie Goals? Someday I'm gonna stuff a whole chicken in my mouth.
  23. Don't short Musgrove...HOLD THE LINE.
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