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  1. It's crazy but O'neil has top 10 in MLB sprint speed. He could steal 20 bases no problem.
  2. I think it's because he could bat 7th or 8th on the Yankee lineup. He shouldn't. But it could happen.
  3. I have some old Blue Jays rookie cards lying around the house. Does a Jimmy Key rookie card also go for thousands? Say yes and be my new best friend.
  4. Is this one of those Non Fungible Token things like those NBA Hotshots going for thousands?
  5. They were batting Biggio for a while in the 7th hole in ST. Very dangerous now.
  6. At first glance there’s not much to like about Aaron Hicks. Poor average, mediocre power and a bit of speed. But fantasy baseball much like real estate investing can sometimes be an investment based on the 3 golden rules: location location location. Boone seems to just love him and Bats him often 3rd in the order. Sometimes it’s just 4-6. Why he’s seen as reliable is a mystery. But he should be able to just roll out of bed and score 80 or more runs and rbis. Another point of interest, his k rate fell and his walk rate elevated last year. He has long been dealing with various
  7. Very underrated player. I think the Yankees trust him now. Was on pace for a really nice season. Can sneak in there and go for next to nothing on draft day.
  8. I love this kind of post. Going out on a limb and really thinking outside the box. KC definitely improved in the off-season and won’t throw out Alex gordon out there. biggest problem for them is easily their rotation. Brad Keller is their “ace” but has a terrible k/bb ratio. Rest of the rotation is unreliable at best. Tigers suck but do have some interesting young pitchers who could improve. The other teams in their division simply have better starting pitching.
  9. Could be a real nice sleeper. You know the run support is going to be there. His K rate is always pretty good. His WHIP was impressive. What kills him are all the HRs. But I say this is going to correct a little. Even if his ERA is around 4.00, with the wins and K's you turn a nice profit. Don't overlook.
  10. Well keep in mind he barely walked an hit a ton of hrs and doubles, I think he only had like 15 non extra base hits and still stole 2 bases.
  11. Probably not a buck but like 1-5 bucks. Which falls in line with his avg cost according to yahoo.
  12. Had 500 pa in 2017. 2018 was terrible. But in 3/4 past seasons having him play on your team yielded incredible profit. He’s still just 27 years old.
  13. This guy is just too incredibly talented to ignore . Had like 13 hrs in around 150 plate appearances. Also the fastest regular player in baseball. Doesn’t walk much and gets hurt a lot. But I think, given some of the Twins other injury prone guys and a few losses, he’s not batting 9th anymore. For a dollar why wouldn’t I bite?
  14. Rotisserie Goals? Someday I'm gonna stuff a whole chicken in my mouth.
  15. Don't short Musgrove...HOLD THE LINE.
  16. Pitching is not too bad, if and it's a big if, they can sign Bauer and maybe go with Bauer-Ryu-Pearson-Ray-Stripling (with the last 3 using openers). Keep in mind the AL East has a lot of Rotation problems from all the teams. The Red Sox had a terrible rotation. No telling when Sale comes back and if he's going to be effective. The Orioles have some potential, lots of young starters but generally low K rates. The Rays will always piecemeal a good pitching staff but they did lose Snell and Morton (who ate up some innings). And the Yankees lost Happ and Tanaka with no guarantees from S
  17. Disagree, Springer is a natural slugger with way more natural power than Hosmer. Springer brings a lot to the table. A good leadoff hitter who gets on base. Above average speed though you wouldn't know it from the stolen bases. But he's going to score a lot from 1st or 2nd from the hits of Biggio and Bichette. He also still rates as an above average defender. Rogers Centre is really made well for Springer, good place to hit HRs generally. If it's Buffalo that's even more of a bandbox.
  18. Spring-Time! Congrats for signing one of the biggest FA names out there. Wondering what the batting order will look like: Springer CF Biggio 2B Bichette SS Teoscar RF Vlad Guerrero 1B Lourders Gurriel LF Tellez DH Kirk C Espinal 3B Not sure who their 3B is going to be, they might re-try Vlad at 3B. Rowdy at 1B and DH Teoscar. Then use Grichuk in RF again. But overall, the IF defense would take a hit. Pitching still needs work...we need Bauer !
  19. Brantley to the Astros..this is great news for springer in keeper/dynasty leagues.
  20. Long relief? I don’t see who starts instead. They may use an opener.
  21. Azolay is an interesting 1 dollar spec pick.
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