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  1. I think he’s well worth the risk. The K was only slightly down from his past two years. What killed him was a spike in walks and too many hits allowed. I remember watching his starts and thinking he was getting squeezed a lot. Small sample size of a short year.
  2. An immense talent who often gets overlooked due to the lack of steals and the amazing depth at SS this year.
  3. Yikes, I didn't know we were picking factions. Ok, I'll take Miyagi-Do if you take Cobra-Kai. Like everything else, it's going to depend on cost. There's a lot of High Risk players in and around Moncada's ADP. Moncada's ADP seems to be right around 75. That's not chump change. There's a lot of potentially great players around there. I mean look at a guy around there, JD Martinez. If Moncada get a giant Mulligan due to an easy excuse than so should JDM and his ability to access video tape or whatever. The only difference is JDM had 3 straight years of being a top 15 player. Moncada n
  4. I would actually be happier if he didn't play at all or he was horrible all season. If he had Covid and he was weak and could barely run, doesn't make sense to even play him. His numbers were awful overall and the Sox were a playoff driven team.
  5. I agree about the BA being a big risk and the SBs a bit of a crapshoot. He is extremely fast though, same percentage foot speed as Mookie Betts. Betts has way more skill at it but Teoscar could break out in this department. There was a nice bump in SBs last year. But of course TH was also on base more often. As for the power, he's not a 30 HR guy. Let's put it this way, his lifetime 162 game avg is 33 HRs in a full season. keeping in mind, the Jays have mostly treated him like some kind of 5th Outfielder. He's been given the poop-shoot. No regular playing time and at bats a
  6. Not exactly, his K rate has always been terrible. He was the same player last year that he was in 2017-2018. Even in his breakout year of 2019, he strikes out just way too much. White Sox are expected to contend and will have low tolerance for keeping him in the two hole if he strikes out 1 out of every 3 at bats. I think Covid is just an easy excuse for a guy everyone thought would take it to the next level. Including me. I had him on one of my teams. But I'm starting to think there's a deeper concern here.
  7. That's science? it sounds more like guess work. If Covid affects different people differently, might as well just look at stats alone.
  8. He wasn't all that terrible, K rate, BB Rate and HR's/AB looked well in line with past few years. BA plummeted. Could be some BABIP luck, it was a very small sample size. My Big concerns with Rizzo and Cubs players is who will they trade? Will they trade Bryant, Baez, Contreras? There could be a counting stats issue. Second concern, he did lousy against LHP as usual. Small sample size but he had a sub 700 OPS against Lefties. It was always his Achilles heel and the problem seems to have gotten worse.
  9. I don’t buy it. Look at the case for Freddie Freeman. Guy got Covid and hit a temperature spike of 104 and said he nearly died! But Freddie put up his best season ever, with his best ever OPS + He was also amazing in September and the second “half” in general.
  10. Go ahead and pick any stats you want for Gray in 2021 and you have a legitimate chance of being right.
  11. Typical Steamer, safest predictions possible. I agree with the batting average. He still lacks plate discipline. But he has such easy power, I can foresee 40-50 HR power. I think he's kind of similar to Jorge Soler just with more speed. I project a healthy season of .250-45Hr-15 Sbs as long as he's healthy.
  12. Could be the most divisive player in Fantasy Baseball this year. It's really hard to place an ADP on him. Pros: 1) His 162 Game average is .307/35Hrs/17sbs with a decent amount of runs and RBIs 2) If the Blue Jays play in Buffalo again, it's a major hitter's park. Roger's Centre is generally a good hitter's park if they play their too. 3) Up and Coming Offense around him with Biggio, Teoscar, LGJ, maybe we see more from Vladdy and maybe they sign Springer. 4) Comes with a good Pedigree. 5) All those ridiculous amount of doubles, one could think with a bit more
  13. I think the concerns of Snell being an "injury plagued" guy are a little overstated. He pitched a full year in 2018 and was wonderfully dominant. He pitched a relatively "full year" in 2020, with 11 starts. In 2019, he missed some time but still had 23 starts. I remember one his injuries was a fluky one moving furniture or something like that. It could have easily thrown off his 2019. Besides...really quickly, name me 5 pitchers who have pitched the past 5 years without any injury concerns. Really tough to do this day and age.
  14. The thing about the Covid excuse is Moncada hit like 5 HRs by mid August. How do you do that when recovering from Covid? He should have opened badly and got better when the season wore on. Not the other way around.
  15. In fairness, nobody is walking Walsh with the big fish batting right behind him.
  16. Davies has been bad but a guy who consistently outperforms his FIP every year. Over that many innings, it isn't a fluke. I don't think he's anywhere near as good as Darvish, don't get me wrong, but he probably finishes with an ERA in the high 3's, low 4's which is a pretty respectable throw in.
  17. Basically, this isn’t so bad for the Rays, just hard for fantasy baseball. The Rays are going to go further down the rabbit hole with their pitching plans. Watch how every game will have an opener, a 3 inning guy (makes some sense for injury prone Glasnow) and for Wacha, who I believe has a much better first 3 inning ERA. Than it’s on to bullpen by committee. Qs are gone, wins and saves will be a crapshoot. But the Rays are far from done..they are just going to be more creative and step on more toes.
  18. Well since Cleveland was once called the Naps because they had Nap Lajoie... How about the Cleveland Lindors? Everyone loves Lindor images.jfif
  19. Aww it was the best of times..it was the worst of times.... This will be the first year I can remember that the top 12 will be totally up for question and debate. Do you grab a great overall player who may be a bit of a drag on the ever so scarce category of stolen bases? Do you grab a premier SS when there's the most SS depth in maybe the history of fantasy baseball? How about a legit N#1 pitcher ..with all the risks that come from doing that? How do you balance last year's woes with all the long term history?
  20. Because hitting in the majors is really..really..hard. Especially when you don't do it very often. The batting avg for pinch hitters throughout a season is probably not even .220. And these guys are often kept around for their hitting ability.
  21. I don't really understand the lack of interest. For one thing he really wasn't that bad the past few years. in 2020, he was on pace for maybe 25 HR and 90 RBIs with an ok .262 batting average and .791 OPS. It doesn't hurt that he plays first base where there's a ton of high risk guys and a lack of depth we haven't seen in a long time. He will breakout sooner or later. If people are scared off now and you can get him under 15 in auction, you got to jump at that price.
  22. A really good show on Netflix is called "Lilyhammer" It stars Steve Van Zandt from Sil of the Sopranos fame. It's a quirky story where he plays a mobster who rats on his boss and relocates to the Norwegian town of Lilyhammer. He tries to take over the town using mob tacts. Its more light hearted than Sopranos but there are a few homages to the Sopranos in it.
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