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  1. Basically, this isn’t so bad for the Rays, just hard for fantasy baseball. The Rays are going to go further down the rabbit hole with their pitching plans. Watch how every game will have an opener, a 3 inning guy (makes some sense for injury prone Glasnow) and for Wacha, who I believe has a much better first 3 inning ERA. Than it’s on to bullpen by committee. Qs are gone, wins and saves will be a crapshoot. But the Rays are far from done..they are just going to be more creative and step on more toes.
  2. Well since Cleveland was once called the Naps because they had Nap Lajoie... How about the Cleveland Lindors? Everyone loves Lindor images.jfif
  3. Aww it was the best of times..it was the worst of times.... This will be the first year I can remember that the top 12 will be totally up for question and debate. Do you grab a great overall player who may be a bit of a drag on the ever so scarce category of stolen bases? Do you grab a premier SS when there's the most SS depth in maybe the history of fantasy baseball? How about a legit N#1 pitcher ..with all the risks that come from doing that? How do you balance last year's woes with all the long term history?
  4. Because hitting in the majors is really..really..hard. Especially when you don't do it very often. The batting avg for pinch hitters throughout a season is probably not even .220. And these guys are often kept around for their hitting ability.
  5. I don't really understand the lack of interest. For one thing he really wasn't that bad the past few years. in 2020, he was on pace for maybe 25 HR and 90 RBIs with an ok .262 batting average and .791 OPS. It doesn't hurt that he plays first base where there's a ton of high risk guys and a lack of depth we haven't seen in a long time. He will breakout sooner or later. If people are scared off now and you can get him under 15 in auction, you got to jump at that price.
  6. A really good show on Netflix is called "Lilyhammer" It stars Steve Van Zandt from Sil of the Sopranos fame. It's a quirky story where he plays a mobster who rats on his boss and relocates to the Norwegian town of Lilyhammer. He tries to take over the town using mob tacts. Its more light hearted than Sopranos but there are a few homages to the Sopranos in it.
  7. He is a total bargain though..at 70th. The knocks on him are age, injury proneness and Utility. But these 3 issues are interrelated. He's old so he's deemed injury prone so that's double counting the same problem. But he is a DH which will minimize the wear and tear on his body and help to mitigate points 1 and 2. He really hasn't been that injury prone. He missed like a week at the end of year. I'd be happy to grab him with my 6th pick (around 70 overall).
  8. Nelson Cruz still can't get no respect. he's the Rodney Dangerfield of Fantasy baseball. Going at 70th overall? He's been like an MVP candidate the past 2 seasons and has 7 consecutive seasons of around 40 Hrs and only 1 of those years he didn't have a good batting average. I get that he's a little long in the tooth. But he's not a 70th type of pick. he's way more consistent than any player that's been drafted around him and for an old guy he's been the least injury prone.
  9. That wasn't the comment that sounded funny. Mentioning Betts swings into a back end of the first rounder and mentioning that him batting first costs him RBI's was the sounding funny. (Because these were exactly my points in previous years as you blasted me for it).
  10. Who are you and what have you done with Brock???
  11. Trout goes 10th, Bo goes 13th...which means, in theory anyways, Mike Trout for Bo Bichette is a fair trade. Just a few picks apart. Nobody's trading Trout for Bichette. In fact I'd go so far as to say in some leagues that gets vetoed.
  12. Will they allow Snell to pitch more than 5 innings?
  13. It's possible. But the choice isn't between Cody Bellinger and a mound of clay. It's more like a choice between Bellinger, Yelich Freddie Freeman and maybe a Lindor. Some of those other players do carry risk but none of those other players carry the risk of getting black hole'd. There's no hitter in the first 2-3 rounds at risk of not batting in the top 5 except maybe Luis Robert (another guy I think is too high). I'm speculating that despite their high payroll the dodgers do find a replacement bat for Turner and Pederson if they don't resign them or they trade pitching for offense and acquire a middle of the order bat. If come March there's no such improvement than Bellinger gets an upgrade. But this is the "way too early mock" and yeah it's way too early. But if the draft happened today, Bellinger's 7 hole is a tremendous problem.
  14. I believe he batted 7th in the playoffs though for most of the games. That's where they are likely to keep him since they won the WS I don't think Roberts changes the formula. As for Turner/Pederson Free agency, the Dodgers just won the world series and they have an amazing farm system. I doubt they are keeping any weak spots in their lineup.
  15. 1. Yelich and Belli could be nice winfalls. But the end of the first round is not cheap. Of the two I'm way more concerned about Belli. Did you see him batting in the 7 hole sometimes during the year. Very hard to get 1st round value if that sticks. 2. Buehler seems like a health issue/Ip limit concern kind of guy but I would have no problem reaching for him. Pretty much all starting pitchers other than Degrom, Bieber and Cole have got some warts. And even with Degrom, the way he can't seem to win, though statistically not reliable, seems like a nagging thorn in the side. 3. Story is a first rounder because he steals bases. So even if Arenado rebounds, Story's floor and ceiling are higher than Nolan's IMO. 4. Flaherty was an absolute frigging train wreck this year. He really only had that dominant second half last year. I'd be afraid if he was my SP1. If that's the price he won't be on my teams. 5. I agree Burns is a good bargain at that price, He won't stick around that high though as the season approaches. 6. Hirua's K rate is really scary frigging high and he didn't show the speed he did in 2019. I won''t touch at that price either.
  16. Aquino never really even got a chance this year. Already in the pre-season there was talk about him not making the team. He's an ok defensive Outfielder and they had the DH. Reds handled their situation poorly. Because of skepticism on Aquino he could have been bought for 1 dollar. I'd love to see the same skepticism on Randy. Nevertheless, it appears he is batting 3rd right after meadows and Lowe. That's a plumb placed to hit for RBI's.
  17. I hate the Rays but I hate the Astros more
  18. Yikes.. another arrest by the grammar police.
  19. what’s a short sighted move these days? I agree that years ago it was considered dumb to drop a veteran off to a slow start for a young hot rookie. Inevitably the veteran recovered and the rookie faded. But today things are much more complex as there seems to be more impact rookies (or 2nd year players). Names like Ian Anderson, plesac, sixto Devon Williams etc
  20. No way you hit 3 HRs in 3 straight games in the playoffs and it’s just a fluke.
  21. Well lets put it this way, if people aren't scared by 2020 and continue to rate Bellinger a late 1st round to early 2nd round player and Flaherty a 2nd round kind of pitcher I would not invest. Bellinger's auction cost of say 40 and Flaherty around 25? So that's 65 auction dollars that could be used. I'd rather use it on a more certainty like Cole for 45 and then 20 on an up and coming OF.
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