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  1. Speaking of rule changes to attract millennials.. when will baseball finally get cheerleaders?
  2. Jack wasn't good this year..FIP of 4.11. He was getting a bit unlucky but not tremendously so. He was only really dominant in the second half of last year and the first half he wasn't so good. He's like the pitching equivalent of Cody Bellinger.
  3. Jesus Luzardo seems way too high. He gives up too many home runs and had a FIP 4.19. I get that he has potential but so does every pitcher eat him on that list.
  4. The story with Brandon Woodruff... starts off dominant and loses it in the 5th inning. I bet this guy has an Era under 2 in the first 4 innings and like 6 or more in the 5th or 6th.
  5. Giolito in the top tier? I don't think so. His walk rate is too high, averaging about 3 per 9 innings in the past 2 years. He gets a plate of suck teams to feast on but honestly, I think the AL west provides more suck and who knows how the schedule unfolds next year. I think Cleveland should be better as long as Lindor returns to form and they don't start instant outs so much next year.
  6. Didn't it actually come in the crazy year we call 2020? Covid Shortened but if you look at his stats extrapolated, it looks like .350 avg, 48-50 Hrs and a 1.185 ops and yeah about 20 steals to boot.
  7. Umm..what are you talking about? Bellinger finishes 2020 with a .239/.333/.455 slash line. That's not an OPS over 900.
  8. Reminds me of those online gambling sites that say "this is a free to play website". Yep, there are free money games available.. But of course it's all about the real money.
  9. I wonder if the Jays give him DH at all next season. Or maybe it's back to Tellez.
  10. He was great, but I'm leery of drafting pitchers in the first round. (or paying too much for them at auction).
  11. Heard that Lamet and Clevinger might pitch.. interesting I don’t know if the online gambling sites have adjusted for this fact because the SD odds to win hasn’t changed for a while.
  12. Juan Soto 8th seems kind of ridiculous to me.
  13. MIL vs LAD - The Dodgers just have so many weapons. I bet that Corey Seager kid hits 3 HRs during this series. LAD 2-0. SDP vs STL - Losing 2 pitchers really hurts but overall I like the Padres Offense. I don't trust Adam Wainright. Flaherty was garbage. Kim's K rate was just too low, I don't trust him. I'm going with SDP 2-1 Tor vs TBR - I am biased here for my beloved Blue Jays. But I think they pull up an upset here. The Blue Jays offense is a sneaky one of the best in baseball..with Biggio, Bichette, Vladdy, T-time and LGJ. Ryu is good and I think Shoemaker is underrated. Prediction: Kirk gets a clutch HR in this series. Tor 2-1 NYY vs Cle - This is really tough, immovable object meets the unstoppable force. Good pitching has been shutting down the Yankees a lot this year. Love that Bieber kid. Cole's a little more vulnerable. I'd go Cle 2-1. Cin vs Atl - another tough one. The thing is I still don't fully trust Bauer and sonny gray was mediocre and Casillo walks too many batters. I'd say Atlanta wins 2-0. Min vs Hou - I don't know why but these teams kind of remind me of each other. I slightly like Min more because at least MAeda is super consistent. Real coinflip here for me but I'll go with Min 2-1. Oak vs CHW - The White Sox have 2 hitters, Abreu and Anderson with Moncada and Robert really struggling in September. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say Robert breaks out of his Doldrums. Yes he has issues but this kid is just too talented. I think Oakland's lineup blows. I'm going CHW 2-1 Mia vs CHC - Last but not least, the Cubs offense has been terrible all year and Miami's pitching is kind of hot except for Sixto's last 2 starts. But I really like Yu Darvish and Hendricks. The Cubs offense can't be this bad..can it? I say CHC 2-1.
  14. I was really close with Dansby, I think he finished 6 in a 5X5. Depends if you want to call Manny Macahdo your SS or 3B, he'd be 5th!
  15. I don't think it will change anything really. The idea is to keep pitch count low and arm strain minimized. Plus the non-established aces usually only get to face the lineup twice. That means a lot of 5-6 inning starts. I think it's all about handling your pitcher per game and not overall season length.
  16. The elevation of SB numbers really surprised me. His team has a lot of power batting ahead of him. I didn't think he would steal so much which really buoyed his fantasy numbers. One area of concern is that his walk rate declined a lot.
  17. Juan Soto is clear number 1 for me. He lead the NL in batting average OBP and slugging. Even with that mostly lousy Nats lineup, aside from TT, he was still on pace for over 110 runs and rbis. I doubt the Nats stand still in the off-season ..we will see. even if Acuna steals 35 bases next year, Soto is not a 0 in that category. I think the difference in batting average and Rbis makes Soto a sight edge. Also I’m wondering if Acuna maybe isn’t a little injury prone.
  18. To each his own Papa Homer, Right now I have to include Freddie in the first round. 1) he's going to finish as the first overall player (Surprise!) I like to try to keep things simple. The first overall player is first for a reason. 2) He's always been consistent. This isn't a breakout year. He always gives you a good batting average, HRs and counting stats. He usually finishes in the top 20. 3) There is a shortage of good reliable first basemen. We live in a complicated age where there's more depth at SS. 4) his team is awesome to really help those counting stats. I don't know where this whole unbalanced schedule thing is going to land up. But the NL East has garbage for pitching. There's 4 teams with ERAs over 4.70, besides the Braves. I checked and it really surprised me. Scherzer is starting to fall off, Corbin is garbage now, Strasberg always has injury concerns. This is a division with a lot of Rick Porcellos. It's probably a reason the Braves offense has been so great. I don't see it improving much next year. Maybe the Marlins will improve with Sixto and Lopez and Alcantara. But overall I like his division.
  19. Well if you use the whole "First base is shallow" argument, than I'd give a shout out to my boy Freddie Freeman. One of the most consistent players in fantasy baseball. Won't help you much in SB but his other stats are simply sublime.
  20. Bellinger only had 1 great season, actually more like an amazing half a season. Lots of players have career years. So far to me he seems like a high power mediocre average and a few steals player .. unworthy of a first round.
  21. There was another luck factor unique to this year - Covid factor. We didn’t know how much time Trout would take off or how much time Soto would end up missing early on. There was a whole lot of health and playing time questions early on this season.
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