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  1. If you’re playing in a league that’s competitive, than you know that ‘everybody’ is trying to find that next big breakout star. For every Trout that comes up and dominates there’s a Moncada or a Vladdy Jr and their development takes time. My opinion is not that there is no skill involved in today’s fantasy (I have several fantasy championships that will attest to that) but that there is a declining level of skill factor. when you look at the current top 24 (1st 2 rounds of a standard Yahoo 12 team league) right now ( granted it’s a much smaller sample size this year) you can see there’s only about 10 players on that list who made top 24 last year. I’m pretty sure this trend is increasing. I don’t recall this type of volatility 5 years ago. if I bought Trout and Betts and JRam and you bought Lindor and Yelich, Im probably going to beat you in that league. Again, there’s nothing to prevent ME from picking up a Teoscar on the waiver wire just because the rest of my team is strong.
  2. you’re trying to simplify a complex issue. If Yelich is off to a slow start, you going to drop him for Teoscar Hernandez? There’s no stopping the guy who drafted Betts to pick up Teoscar to replace one of their struggling players.
  3. Mookie's been really good. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  4. I can't believe Mitch Keller walks 7 batters in 3 innings (WITH NO HITS!!!) Miracle he didn't give up 5 runs. He doesn't deserve to be in the Major Leagues at all. He's scared to throw strikes at the major league level.
  5. I still want to hear the rationale for people not drafting Yelich, Bellinger, Lindor and Arenado.
  6. Flaherty is such a loser..I really regret drafting this Piece of crap. I hope the Cardinals are smart and don't let him start any playoff game. They probably will give him a start just for old times sake when he was somewhat decent.
  7. Love the K's, WHIP a little high but looks like he gave up a few fluky hits. Going to be a sleeper for 2021.
  8. Modern fantasy analysis from all major credible websites will factor in sabermetrics to making their recommendation lists.
  9. At least he got a few strikeouts in the 2nd, still very disappointing.
  10. It’s not a good idea to throw out Mayer’s so much, Angels are basically out of it, bad managing.
  11. Time for another bump. This short season really seemed to amplify the luck.
  12. Ahh the old skill vs luck question... Please see my thread on skill vs luck. I made it about 3 years ago. general agreement is about 60% -70% of Roto is skill and the rest is luck. This being a very short season, it's more like 50 or 60 percent luck. For example, in one of my leagues, I drafted Lindor with my first pick in round one. My reasoning or so I thought was sound. here is a consistent performer, now facing an unevened schedule and seeing a lot of Tigers Royals and White Sox. All 3 teams had poor pitching last year. In another league, Lindor went earlier so I grabbed Jose Ramirez for similar reasons. I am losing one league bad and 2nd in the other league. All skill you say? unless you found some evidence Lindor would disappoint I'd say no.
  13. True, but they are resting some good bats. Im borderline starting tonight but very worried.
  14. They are resting a few guys, Duvall, Riley Darnaud. still a tough lineup. The braves top 4 is the stuff on nightmares. Acuna freeman ozuna albies
  15. yeah I'm going to roll the dice. His terrible performance I think came because of the rainy conditions and he slipped off the mound. He was actually good in the first 3 innings or so. He says he's fully healthy. We'll see.
  16. But I'm sure at some point during his so far, disappointing career he went 30-40 games with a pretty good slash line. The only reason that 44 game stands out is being it was during the start of an abbreviated season. I'm just saying the guy is in the midst of a horrible slump and is now batting 9th. Unless there's absolutely no one else in a really deep league, picking him up and using him is a poor percentage play. If it was May instead of September in a regular season then absolutely don't do anything. If it's a keeper league with a good number of keepers and Dansby is held cheaply then keep him. If Dansby was still batting second, maybe you hold on to him for the runs/RBI potential. But at this point it's a poor percentage play. I mean I know a guy who calls every bet with 7-2 because it's a favorite hand and I've seen him win some enormous pots because of it. Might get lucky but it's just not a good move right now. That being said he will probably hit 3 HRs tonight:)
  17. What sample size would you like to use? He's been garbage for the past 3 years. His stats now look eerily like last year's slash line.
  18. Lester's garbage and I wouldn't even stream him against the Pitts.
  19. The sample size here is incredibly small. Plus Dansby has been relegated to the 8 hole. Atlanta would have to hit a ton for him to get the counting stats you would want and I think there are better plays in 10 or 12 man leagues.
  20. He's not hitting when the rest of the BRaves team is crushing it. It's one thing to go 0-6 when facing a good pitcher. But when the Braves score double digit runs and he's not hitting, it hints of signs to an injury.
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