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  1. Is Mike Mayers the new closer in LAA? Is it Halloween 3, the return of Michael Mayers?
  2. Watching Robbie ray pitch is just painful. Every batter seems to take 10 pitches. robbie .. don’t use waste pitches if you get to 2 strikes. Don’t set things up since you don’t know where the next pitch is going anyhow.
  3. The bullpen is funny bad. I don’t even think workman should be on the active roster at this point. When your whip is over 2, on a not too tiny sample size, there are serious issues.
  4. Do you notice him batting 7th in the batting order? Just terrible. He’s been our best hitter for the past few weeks. I’m not saying the jays would have won last nights game but we can’t having him solo shots every time up. Order should be Biggio Bichette Lourdes and Teoscar. Let vlad figure things out in the 5 hole. Grichuk never walks, he bats 6th. Then bat Villar 7th and pray he gets on base and does his thing. Then Shaw at third base. Whoever you want at catcher batting 9th.
  5. Another monster day at the plate. I'm starting to wonder if DJ simply isn't a sneaky first rounder in 2021. His power seems to be for real and he's hit .310 or higher, sometimes much higher in 4 of the past 5 years. Batting leadoff for the yanks he will score at least 110 runs. He steals a few bases here and there but is 120/.340/25/85/6 a slash line for a first rounder you be happy with?
  6. Look on the bright side .. at least based weren’t loaded.
  7. Today 1-1 with 3 walks. My goodness. I see this as being the future, ridiculously high walk rate.
  8. I like Nate Lowe who had an RBI double today. He's getting everyday at bats now. Rays are sneaky good. He's batting 4th today.
  9. I like the Universal DH. Should have been around since the 70's.
  10. Nobody knows. Anderson is their best pitcher though.
  11. Bumgardener might be the only pitcher worse than Flaherty.
  12. I think Neris is a high risk maneuver. He has blown up many a teams ERA.
  13. It’s a good question .. how much to weigh these 60 games against the entire 2019 year. Trout will be super important next year, hope for the first pick.
  14. Last year I auction bought Trevor Bauer and he killed me..this year of course, he's mr Cy Young.
  15. I disagree, I don't think they remove Dolis until Giles throws a couple of clean innings in a non pressure situation.
  16. Andrew Miller being brought on in the 8th with a big lead.
  17. Where did you hear season will be derailed? Seems like another delay/makeup game carousel.
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