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  1. 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Strasburg to the IL
  2. I think everyone just assumed that Judge and Stanton would get hurt quickly. Frazier would replace and bat in the middle of the lineup. Even if Judge and/or Stanton go down, I'm not convinced Frazier will be hitting in the middle of the order. It's a long season but there is also a lot of good young talent out there to gamble on.
  3. I wish I could be more original but I would also advise to stay put. Your team should be competitive as it is.
  4. I didn't know he qualified for catcher. I do like him for now. If I were to drop someone it would be Garrett. I don't think he holds that closer's role.
  5. I'd take the Freeman side easily. Not a big Lindor fan anymore. He's got a tough bullpark and had a bad year last year. I don't even think Semien will be that far away when all is said and done. Then it's Freeman and Mize for Giolito. Easy win. Please help
  6. I think I drop Taillon. He's a big injury risk. Isn't throwing too well. Even in his prime, he was never a big strikeout guy. That's not going to sit well against Boston and Toronto this year. Please help
  7. How would you rank the following: Josh Donaldson Eduardo Escobar Kyle Seager Jed Lowrie I have all these guys in a deep benches league. Need to drop 1. Need to drop a 2nd when Bregman comes back. WHIR
  8. I'm ok with this..I mean I knew he wasn't going to break Cal Ripken's Record. I am ok with the occasional day off if he can play in 140 games.
  9. Don't you use running point numbers like 6-3-1 or something like that?
  10. Thanks to Fried Strasberg and Snell, Even if Mahle throws a No hitter today I'll still have an ERA over 5.
  11. Wow, I saw the Bregman thing but Altuve and Yordan too? That's like half their core lineup.
  12. Not a bad little game, but I'm worried about the K rate. We have seen this from Eovaldi before, dominance and then the iceburg.
  13. I wonder how the knee surgery will help him but he is 37 years old. It's rare for people not named "Cruz" to perform at a higher level at that age.
  14. He's sexy, I don't know about the HRs but I wish I had more shares. But yeah the speed is there. It always was. Can't explain 2020.
  15. I need an MRI ...after watching him pitch!
  16. I was really wrong about him and paying the price.
  17. I'll raise you Fried and Pablo lopez.
  18. What happened to Will the Thrill Myers ? Pinch hit for
  19. Didn't Kendall Graveman have an ERA of like 5-6 last year? That probably wont last either.
  20. Montero sucks so much. Im gonna wait for next clean save (if there is one ) and try to trade him for whatever team is last in my league in saves,
  21. Here's another stream I'm thinking of... Jed Lowrie Sure he's no long term asset as he always gets hurt. But he's got Detroit pitching coming up and bats 3rd for whatever reason. Good chance for Rbis anyways.
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