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  1. I think everyone just assumed that Judge and Stanton would get hurt quickly.  Frazier would replace and bat in the middle of the lineup.  Even if Judge and/or Stanton go down,   I'm not convinced Frazier will be hitting in the middle of the order. It's a long season but there is also a lot of good young talent out there to gamble on.  

  2. I'd take the Freeman side easily.  Not a big Lindor fan anymore.  He's got a tough bullpark and had a bad year last year.  I don't even think Semien will be that far away when all is said and done.  Then it's Freeman and Mize for Giolito.  Easy win.

    Please help


  3. 1 hour ago, laracco said:

    Yep, but it's tougher in H2H. I will get a loss this week due to these guys. It's not like ROTO where they can bring you back up the leaderboard. A loss is a loss. Hopefully when they get it going it leads to W's.

    Don't you use running point numbers like 6-3-1 or something like that?

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