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  1. Got him in 2 leagues. Only regret not having him in all. You're right he seems a different player. A true post hype sleeper. The only limit will fall as to where they place him in the batting order. Depends on how long Tatis is out for. He could end up batting 5th or 6th. Other than that this guy seems to have high skies.
  2. I was thinking about one Mr. Maikel Franco, in deeper leagues or for people who want to bench Sano. At first glance, you might ask if the King got hit in the head or something. but he's got a nice schedule this week, Seattle and Texas. Seattle with all it's Pitching issues, plus a few soft tossing left handers. Plus he hit a home run last night and I think in his history, Franco likes to bunch up the Hrs.
  3. Yes, at least let this guy throw a few starts to see what he does. He will only be picked up in the deepest leagues. Even in Toronto.
  4. It's a very high risk stream. I wouldn't pick up someone to stream against the Yankees. Maybe the Royals ok. But if you're locked into a start against the Yankees you are just being cavalier. I looked it up and Yankees are 15th in OPS. I wouldn't even say they are "struggling" just not up to their usual standards.
  5. I'm a Jays fan too. You guys watch the games last year? Walked nearly 1 guy per inning.
  6. If you ask for help in the bench coach forum, I can give you some advice if you want it.
  7. If this was World War II, I'd love for you to be on my invasion boat. I know you'd go in first.
  8. Yankees are overdue I'd argue. Also generally a patient team that can take it's walks. Even the Royals aren't fun if that's correct.
  9. I was looking at Phil Evans, but his first 3 starts will be against Darvish, Snell and Musgrove. Difficult stream.
  10. You guys are crazy. Starting Ray against the Yankees and Rays? No thanks.
  11. Degrom is so good he can shut down 2 lineups in a single start!
  12. What you guys think of Mckinstry with Bellinger out for a while?
  13. Come on Yimi Don't blow it. Here's your chance.
  14. You wouldn't grab Teo for Safe batting average though. You draft him for power and for a bit of upside with SBs. His draft price is just right based on this. But I'm saying writing him off after 9 games is way too soon. As someone posted earlier, his K% is too high but his Hard hit % and other stats are top of the charts. If you want an example of a high K% but still awesome fantasy season, look at Jorge Soler's 2019 season. He's Jorge Soler with speed and a better hitters park and team.
  15. You can tell this 9 days into a season?
  16. Sims blew it. Can’t get no relief. Will it be Doolittle?
  17. Don't know much about him, but he has already hit 3 Hr's in a small sample size. is Elias Diaz the main catcher? Colorado could offer some cheap thrills. Definitely worth a look in 2 catcher leagues.
  18. I ended up with 3 cardinals in one of my drafts: ”Cardinal Knowledge”
  19. He’s got a pitch count and innings pitched limit for the year which should help keep him healthy.
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