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  1. I ended up with 3 cardinals in one of my drafts: ”Cardinal Knowledge”
  2. He’s got a pitch count and innings pitched limit for the year which should help keep him healthy.
  3. They just blew the lead. Yeah excellent for QS leagues though.
  4. He's silenced all critics of his running skills having picked up his 2nd SB today. Looking comfortable at the top of a (perhaps surprisingly) potent batting order.
  5. He's down in the batting order. Carlson will quickly be bumped ahead of him. Can't have an OF batting 8th on my team. Gonna look for greener pastures and revisit.
  6. Seems to be a legitimate base stealing threat. Every time he's been on the past few games, the pitcher is throwing over constantly and yes, 1 SB for today. Also helps to reassure that his calf injury is not bothersome.
  7. I spaced. Living in 1985. Thanks.
  8. Oh wow I forgot it was 7 innings games for double headers. I'm living in 1985.
  9. AA on the Reds...they got to find a way to get his bat in there. 2 HRs on the bench less than a week into the season.
  10. At least you dont have Will Smith too
  11. Will Smith in a non save situation, just for a hold. Leadoff guy Juan Soto. This is very bad news for Will Smith owners.
  12. Will Soto set the Major league record for walks? By next Friday?
  13. Fried..My bold predictions on him looking more and more bold. Still plenty of time though.
  14. Getting stuck in the bottom of the order, hard to utilize his speed hitting in front of the pitcher.
  15. What's the over under on HR+ Strikeouts for Scherzer today? 20?
  16. He's old, but he' s been the key to turning a profit for the past 7 years which is forever in fantasy baseball terms. He's like the Warren Buffet of fantasy baseball.
  17. Jansen's a little bit hurt, maybe Kirk can run with it.
  18. Im surprised they played him today but happy to see it. Means he'll probably be back tomorrow.
  19. Wow 3 HRs in 2 days, the only thing stopping this guy are road games to the NL. Imagine if he started all games! This guy really needs a thread, out of respect if nothing else.
  20. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2013/08/28/the-long-sad-history-of-injured-pitchers/
  21. The defense and relief pitching is questionable too.
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