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  1. How far down is Kendrys Morales from EE? I think Kendrys is pretty underrated. 30 Hrs in pitchers park. Kauffman stadium supresses Hrs pretty good. Pierce is no Bautista but he does murder lefties and Bautista's injury history would factor in to projecting anyway. I predict very little dropoff for JD.
  2. He didn't win the Cy Young because he is engaged to Kate Upton. The Media will not allow him the additional pleasure of a CY young. Petty jealousy.
  3. I have a feeling this player thread has the most amount of replies come October.
  4. He pitched really well for Pittsburgh for 3 prior years. With a good FIP. His FIP wasn't so great for Toronto, around 4 as he gave up a high number of dingers. I am also not 100% sure he is the number 5 starter for Toronto come opening day. Toronto just doesn't have a LH reliever. I could see the Jays acquiring a journeyman number 5 guy and using Liriano in the pen possibly. They just picked up Gavin Floyd today.
  5. Yeah 60 is unreasonable as it has not been done in modern times without steroid-abuse. But I think 45-50 HRs is not out of the question if he can bolster his FB% to 40-50%
  6. His GB% was very high, I believe around 50%. Any chance as his HR/FB rate falls, he can counter by hitting more Line Drives and Fly Balls?
  7. Sanchez won't last to the 5th round in 99% of leagues. I doubt he even lasts to the 4th in most leagues. He should not be taken higher than the third round. In fact you could argue for the second round. If Sanchez is the player he showed briefly in 2016 and I own him, I'm going to win my league/ $1 OF (20th round or later for you draftees) commonly emerge into solid fantasy contributors. How many 1 dollar Catchers?
  8. I'd rather have Bautista. Frankly I think It's a necessary gamble. I don't think Gardener gets it done. The Jays need a resurgent Joey Bats with a .900+ OPS and healthy to have a shot at beating the Red Sox for the division.
  9. The lineup is overall, pretty underrated. If Mickey Brantley can stay healthy I'd imagine it's easily top 3 in the AL Santana Kipnis Lindor Brantley EE Chisenhall Naquin Ramirez Perez The top 5 would be especially dangerous.
  10. The rotation really doesn't look so good to me anymore. Carrasco and Salazar are both coming off of injury plagued seasons with mediocre FIPs. Tomlin started nice but then became well Josh Tomlin. Bauer is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. I think Kluber is the only reliable SP and even Klubes got his moments. What really propelled that playoff performance was that bullpen. Francona seemed like a really good manager during the playoffs with the way he handled the bullpen. But I am curious to see how he handles Andrew Miller during the regular season. He has to be careful not to
  11. Interesting. But I would be a lot happier if I saw some methodology and breakdown as to how those revenue numbers were calculated. Keep in mind, that playoffs will greatly impact revenue and therefor it's a case of having to spend money to make money. And how can you determine how much money Rogers truly makes off the Blue Jays when they own every aspect of the team. Who knows how many people get a cable subscription so they can get Sportsnet and watch the games on TV? Who knows how much extra advertising revenue Rogers gets as a result of a program airing right af
  12. Probably will have a slight drop off due to age and a switch in Ballparks.
  13. I hate how Rogers controls it's own media (Sportsnet and the fan). Somehow, Rogers managed to convince Toronto fans that Toronto is a small market club. Basically the Jays have all of Toronto, a city of 6 million, without having to split the fan base (unlike Chicago, NYC, LA). They have all the rest of Canada pretty much. Plus they have fans in Western New York due to their Bisons association and proximity. I see no reason why Rogers can't afford a payroll of at least 180 million.
  14. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the rumored interest in Cutch and the possibility of signing Bautista to a 1 year deal. The 2017 lineup could conceivably look like this: Travis Donaldson Cutch Bautista Morales Tulo Pierce Martin Pillar The team could end up being much more dangerous than 2016.
  15. You know I always thought Cutch was a good defensive player, but he's actually ranked near the bottom last year in Defense.
  16. No thanks. I don't think his HR/9 is sustainable. His GB% is good, higher than league average, but I just hate the ballpark for RHP. Plus they still may be watching his innings.
  17. The odds of him having a sub 3.00 ERA at Fenway aren't really good. I do think he fits better than David Price though.
  18. I would let someone else grab him for the big money or top 5 pick. I am just very uncomfortable with the fact that he got hurt this year and also took on a huge role in the playoffs, at one point pitching like every other day it seemed. This is a recipe for future injuries. I am not saying he is "bad" of course. I am just saying there is too much risk for the cost.
  19. You know there's a little rumor kicking around Toronto sports media he may be traded to Colorado for Blackmon or Cargo.
  20. I am nearly positive some White Sox fans are against it. The Marlins sold their best players for prospects? No. Actually there is a book written called "if they don't win it's a shame..the year the Marlins bought the world series." The Yankees' situation isn't remotely comparable. They traded Chapman because they knew they weren't going to win this year and could get him back. Chris Sale is not a rental.
  21. No actually, I think if you look back at the history of baseball standings, you will see that 100 win teams (or close) were much more common. There were lots of teams that won 81 or more games (and could not really be considered "bad") but still finished a good 10 or more games behind their only available playoff spot. The Sox won 78 games. 78 games is not exactly "bad". It basically means slightly below average. If the Sox won 65 games I could understand a need for rebuilding. But there really was no need.
  22. Between trades and free agents and the fact there are now 2 WC spots in each league, it is actually not too difficult to build a contender if you want to. Just look at the 2015 Red Sox and Indians vs 2016. There is actually a fine line between winning and losing.
  23. Why horrible? he had a FIP of 3.71 last season pitching in a good park for home run hitting. Plus he's the team's number 4 guy. He doesn't need to be an all star. You may argue and say that his FIP was terrible earlier in his career. But his ERA was generally respectable except for 2015. And if you size up the competition for teams with competitive rotations, they all have their foibles. The Jays have guys with bad FIPs. The Indians have 2 pitchers who missed significant time due to injury. Once again, which AL team had a better, more reliable rotation than the Whi
  24. That's exactly the point, they don't have a good Number 5 starter so they need to rebuild? Most good teams, don't have a good Number 5. The rotation of Sale-Q-Rodon-Gonzalez matches up nicely with just about any other AL team. In fact you could argue that it is actually the best rotation in the AL. Which team has a better 1-4? Why not be buyers and grab a few free agents to improve depth?
  25. That's not the point. The point is the White Sox were bound to improve this year simply by sticking with a rotation of Sale-Quintana-Rodon-Gonzalez-Fulmer. By not giving Shields and Danks and whoever another combined 30 starts with a 6.00 ERA they are immediately a more competitive team. I never heard of this "they should dismantle because they lack depth". What team does that? I can understand dismantling because your team has just a few valuable pieces but the White Sox have many competitive players which is why they started out well last season.
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