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  1. 13 minutes ago, mysonx3 said:

    The fact that the Red Sox aren't far from a World Series is exactly WHY they're in win now mode. They're good right now, and good teams need to maximize their windows because you never know how long they'll last. It would make no sense for a bad team to be in win now mode.

    And, while the White Sox do (or did) have a good core, the lack of depth was killer and wasn't a fixable issue. You say "if they can just stop giving starts to Shields-Danks-Puke". Well, duh! Every team would be good if you took away the things that make them bad. But as is, the White Sox were nowhere near having the depth to compete, so it was smart to blow it up


    That's not the point.  The point is the White Sox were bound to improve this year simply by sticking with a rotation of Sale-Quintana-Rodon-Gonzalez-Fulmer.  By not giving Shields and Danks and whoever another combined 30 starts with a 6.00 ERA they are immediately a more competitive team.  


    I never heard of this "they should dismantle because they lack depth".  What team does that? I can understand dismantling because your team has just a few valuable pieces but the White Sox have many competitive players which is why they started out well last season.

  2. I don't really understand the Chris Sale trade for either team.  Boston traded away some real talent and gave Moncada a 31.5 million sning bonus and paid a 100% luxury tax on that. I assume they need to eat those costs?  So even with the cheap Sale contract it is still an expensive move to make.


    It's not like the Red Sox never win.  They aren't too far away from a WS victory and make the playoffs every other year it seems.  So it shouldn't be in a desperate win now mode.


    The White Sox..well the first thing you do..maybe..just maybe..instead of dismantling your team is do what MOST other teams do and FIRE THE FRIGGING MANAGERS.  Chris Sale could have a career year in Boston just to spite the White Sox management.  Robin Ventura is a terrible manager.  


    The White Sox actually have some good core talent.  A rotation of Sale, Q, Rodon and Gonzalez actually makes for a very nice rotation.  Rodon pitched much better after a rough start.  Gonzalez is one of those guys that just seems to pitch better than his FIP.  If they can just stop giving starts to Shields-Danks-Puke.  There was like 30 starts with a 6+ ERA and the White Sox still finished near the middle in team ERA.

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