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  1. In the words of Mark Twain “The Reports of My Death were greatly Obliterated”
  2. Rogers, why can't he trust his stuff ? He's walking everyone and a wild pitch. He's a left handed Chris Archer.
  3. Are the Indians a free quality start?
  4. What the heck Triston Mckenze as a reliever??
  5. I can't see even the horribly mismanaged Tigers not giving him a chance to run with the job. Picked him up in some leagues. He's got a chance to grab the job and just run with it (pun intended).
  6. Yes, several pitchers overlap here and pitched in the "dead ball" era of the 1960's as someone mentioned. Their careers greatly overlapped into the 1970's when modern rotation structures started to become the norm. Nevertheless, the point is pretty clear. If pitchers were routinely throwing 300+ innings, year after year and never getting hurt, there would not be more than a handful of 300 game winners between 1900-1970. There would be dozens of them. Once you factor in the relative difficulty of throwing at the higher average speeds of today, there can be no doubt that overusing their
  7. Team looks awful in the early going but at least JDM found his old form.
  8. Pitchers who won 300 or more games from 1900 to 1970, with the entirety of their careers included before 1970's (the adoption of 5 man rotations). Walter Johnson Grover Alexander Christy Matheson Warren Spahn Eddie Plank Lefty Grove, Early Wynn (7) Number of 300 game winners who pitched during the 1970's and beyond: Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, Tom Glavine Phil Niekro Don Sutton, gaylord Perry, Tom Seaver, randy Johnson (10) Tell me again how pitchers from a long time ago pitched 300 innings and never got hurt and enjoyed lasting success. Factor i
  9. I hate to interrupt a perfectly good rant but this just isn’t true.
  10. Any idea why? Has Jensen been in for back to back?
  11. Anyone who picks him up makes these 2 guys look like geniuses:
  12. I think we found are first non-injury casualty on the closer carousel.
  13. Looks like Valdez is closer. He was the closer late last year too. Let's see how he does.
  14. I meant best hitters park:) worst park to pitch.
  15. 1 bad start in the worst hitters park and he’s already written off for dead? Side note - the lack of strikeouts is alarming.
  16. I'm staying far far away from any KC starting pitcher.
  17. Slater left in the game vs a right hander. Watching the Giants game "Kapler feels he's going to be an everyday player".
  18. Giolito was great but that pitch to Albert Pujols with 2 men on that Albert just missed. Or that would have been 3 more runs. The old Albert would have crushed that. But the contract won't die.
  19. I don’t think they can sit him right now.
  20. why can’t he turn into a top tier SP?
  21. Can't base this off of 1 start, especially considering Glasnow's injury problems and the fact he was facing the Marlins. Plus I think that was the only warm city today.
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