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  1. Slater left in the game vs a right hander. Watching the Giants game "Kapler feels he's going to be an everyday player".
  2. Giolito was great but that pitch to Albert Pujols with 2 men on that Albert just missed. Or that would have been 3 more runs. The old Albert would have crushed that. But the contract won't die.
  3. I don’t think they can sit him right now.
  4. why can’t he turn into a top tier SP?
  5. Can't base this off of 1 start, especially considering Glasnow's injury problems and the fact he was facing the Marlins. Plus I think that was the only warm city today.
  6. Bold Prediction Some superstar will start the weekend 0-20 or pitcher will get rocked and NOBODY will complain like it's some doomsday event and that player sucks and is the worst player on Earth! odds are .000000001%
  7. Down goes Frazier!!! Disappointing to see Frazier bat 9th.
  8. Don't know why he was faded so hard. In all of my leagues, he was cheap. Went for around 15-17 in auction, well below his avg draft price. Went late at drafts. Is this the foolishness of the majority or is this guy just too overrated due to playoffs.
  9. Why would anyone drop Arazorena?
  10. Clint and it's not close in an OBP league. Clint might see some time in 3-4 hole depending on Yankees health issues.
  11. I'd side with the Story side. Not too sure on Arenado this year. Difference between them is greater than difference between Stras and Snell. Snell's also a bit injury risky too. Bryant's got a lot of upside.
  12. Yeah, I'm not super high on Yelich, but it's got to be Yelich here. Thanks for your help in mine.
  13. I like Cron here in Colorado, can you really hold a guy who you only play at home and against poor pitching teams? he's at home, that's why you got him. Start Cron ATL got some pitchers, bench Bohm.
  14. I wouldn't blow your stack on a mediocre closer like Neris. As a guy who gambled on Neris a lot, I don't trust him. I'd go with 11 dollars if you are desperate for a closer.
  15. I like your optimism, however I do not believe athletes actually "perform better" in search of a bigger contract. I don't think he can put an extra few miles on his fastball just because he got a contract coming.
  16. 10 reasons to like Marcus Stroman 1) Full year of rest 2) Change to league with pitcher batting 3) Citi Field has sneakily become a huge pitcher's park. RC was a hitter's park 4) Has James McCann to pitch to, Lindor at SS, excellent defensive players 5)Had a generally nice Spring Training 6)Could learn a thing or 2 from the big D 7 Could have some real nice Offensive Support 8 Developed New Split Changeup which could be a wild card. 9 K rate spiked in brief time in NY last year 10 Generally logs a lot of innings when healthy. I'll admit I generally ragged on Stro Sho over the years, but at a dirt cheap price, I think he's worth the upside gamble.
  17. Well yeah I mean it’s only baseball. Maybe a little bit of money involved. But sometimes distractions become more important under duress.
  18. Nothing's wrong with him right? just did a mock draft and he faded deep. Maybe they just didn't realize he got the 5th spot?
  19. You guys worry too much. Remember when everyone panicked last year that he was going to miss the season with Covid? Anyways Soto reminds me of when I owned Miguel Cabrera some years ago when he was awesome. I was in H2H league, getting my butt crushed by the opposing team going into the weekend. Miggy exploded for like 6 Hrs and 20 Rbis on the weekend, giving rise to my personal saying "you are never fully out of it when you have Miggy on your team". Well "you are never fully out of it when you got Soto on your team".
  20. 5x5 redraft roto Should I drop anyone for Austin slater? I love slater’s speed and upside. I need backup OF because I’m living dangerously in my OF. c McCann 1b goldy 2b lowe ss edman 3b bregman of Stanton of judge of arazorena util pham util cruz bench haniger clint frzier verdugo Wander franco donaldson. not looking to drop a pitcher so who would you drop here if anyone? Whir
  21. True but the Mets are loaded with Fantasy assets...Alonso, Conforto, Lindor, DomSmith.
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