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  1. Last night's Salary Cap (Auction) draft. Easily the worst experience I ever had drafting in my life. I have won or finished 2nd in the past 4 years. Might as well have a bullseye sign on my forehead. it became crystal clear to me that I wasn't going to get my picks, even if it meant other teams damaging their own just to spite me. I wanted Tim Anderson, I am big on TA this year. Thought I could get him for 24 or so. Nope. Bid into the stratosphere and closed at 31. DJ Lemahieu. My targeted pick and was hoping around 25. Nope, Bid up to 31 again. Paul Goldschmidt, my
  2. The fade on Biggio - seems a little overblown. He’s not the most talented blue jay. He’s not Trout or Soto either. But he’s not going for very much. Not sure if he doesn’t bat higher in the order. It’s not like the Blue Jays haven’t health or consistency issues the past few years. Who knows how long Springer is out. He’s especially more useful in Obp leagues.
  3. Batted 2nd today in a near complete lineup.
  4. I'm fading Jack Flaherty. Owned him last year. Once bitten, twice shy. I remember someone posting how his slider wasn't actually elite or something like that. Really had only 1 good half of a season.
  5. I can't believe there's no thread for this polarizing player. Great player but very streaky. His lineup is a lot worse without Lindor. But Hernandez is somewhat underrated (good enough OBP). Rosario batting 2nd seems weird to me. Jram is a true potential 5 category elite player.
  6. Bieber added a cutter, which helps to explain why he was so good.
  7. Why is everyone fading Calvin Biggio? Is he even a high profile player? He’s more likely to get better than worse. Also can’t figure out hate for will smith c
  8. I had to look a few times to see there was no threads on him yet at Mar 29. I can understand people's reluctance to buy in if it's the "old Stanton cost" which used to be 45-50, then 30 something. Now it has fallen to 15 avg cost at auction. (or equivalent in drafts). He's injury prone sure but at that price, I think he's too cheap to pass up. The upside is just too high. He's going to be the every day DH pretty much now. The risk-reward profile is insane right now.
  9. Olson is too much of a batting average risk. Goldy I like a lot more. FWIW Lindy's ranked Goldy 3rd overall for 1st basemen.
  10. In Auction drafts (Salary cap drafts) I often see people nominate in the same order as you would expect to see people drafted..like Tatis, Acuna, Betts, Soto etc. Absolutely horrible strategy. especially if you have the notion to grab a top player yourself. Nomination suspects: 1 - The best closer...pop him in early and watch people Overpay. How many discussions have we had on Rotoworld about Closer turnover. Yet if you nominate Hendricks in the first round, he'll go for 25 maybe. 2- If there's someone away, it's kind of mean, but nominate an injured guy and the autodra
  11. There's an existing tread on six man rotations for 2021 that could be helpful.
  12. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I am starting this thread in reaction to the mock draft on here as well as other mock drafts I have been in where, consistently, Goldy is going so cheap. we are less than a week away from opening day and no thread yet on this once top superstar. Did he really fall that much in value? In 2020 Goldy: a) had his 2nd best walk rate ever 16% b) had his best K rate ever 18.6% c) Had his lowest GB% and highest LD% ever, along with his worst ever HR/FB rate. His Sprint Speed fell off but generally there's no SB from 1B anyways. He's
  13. https://www.fishstripes.com/22353366/trevor-rogers-marlins-mlb-spring-training-strikeouts
  14. He's going for way higher than his ADP in every draft (real or mock) I've been in this year. I'm willing to be a buyer, but not at the cost of a proven superstar in his place.
  15. You know I have been looking at this, because it seemed unsettling to me. I have always had this thesis that at Auction Roto, you should always have one ace. In my short review of the article writer's "analysis", I have come to the conclusion that there's something seriously wrong. I think the methodology is "cooked " a little bit. Informally, I am looking back at SP taken in the first round. The article implies that a) it is common for SPs to even appear in the ADP of the first round (it is not) and b) Starters drafted in the first round fail to live up to their performance commo
  16. I was going to mention Higashioka when I saw this thread but had one too many beers last night and passed out. His HR Rate over the past 2 seasons, though in a SSS has been amazing, he’s been almost as impressive as Sanchez himself. I’m also pretty sure I read something about him being Coles personal Catcher ensuring at least some regular plying time. a good dart throw is Max Stassi if you need a regular. About 90 percent sure his amazing stats last year were a fluke but in a deep 2 catcher league you are at least dart throwing at a guy who showed quality numbers. Unfortunately the
  17. He's already 1st round worthy in OBP leagues.
  18. He had an elite batting average, all he doesnt do is steal
  19. I don't know why he's going so cheap. I haven't done a Mock or real draft with him going for more than 25.
  20. I'm very high on Max Fried, especially now with the Pitcher batting again. He's only 27. Interestingly, he hasn't given up a walk in Spring Training.
  21. Can't really go by 2020 stats alone. His 2019 was very different and was on pace for 20+ SBs, plus his minor league stats generally showed he was stealing bases. He hit .300 that year. His K rate increased in 2020 but so did his walk rate. Edman has the potential to be a 3 category stud with a handful of HRs and contributing in the all so scarce SB department.
  22. Got to agree to disagree here. Edman is a SB play. Mcneil is one of the most consistent high average guys out there. In a 5X5, Happ's HRs are more replaceable. Happ excels more in an OBP league.
  23. Are you crazy for taking the best hitter in the game as number 1? Yes, there's a .0000000001% chance that he makes it back as pick 24. Why aren't you risking that?
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