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  1. 8 minutes ago, Sidearmer said:

    Edman had 2 SB and was caught 4 times in 55 games last year and won't be a plus contributor anywhere else. I don't get the Edman hype at all, IMO. You hope for something like 12 HR and 12 SB with solid average with him, which is nothing special. You can get that from guys going 50-100 picks later (Solak, Wong, Dubon, Profar, etc.)

    I can get around on McNeil being more valuable overall, although he's going 4 picks ahead of Happ (Yahoo where they are both 2B eligible). There's no way I would agree they are that far apart.

    Can't really go by 2020 stats alone.  His 2019 was very different and was on pace for 20+ SBs, plus his minor league stats generally showed he was stealing bases.  He hit .300 that year. His K rate increased in 2020 but so did his walk rate.  Edman has the potential to be a 3 category stud with a handful of HRs and contributing in the all so scarce SB department.

  2. On 3/24/2021 at 1:55 PM, Sidearmer said:

     I also see Edman and McNeil going multiple rounds ahead of Happ, which again doesn't make sense to me.


    Got to agree to disagree here.  Edman is a SB play. Mcneil is one of the most consistent high average guys out there.  In a 5X5, Happ's HRs are more replaceable.  Happ excels more in an OBP league.

  3. On 3/13/2021 at 2:20 PM, Fbaseballgod said:

    I have the #1 pick in a 5x5 12 team roto, and am I crazy for leaning taking Soto?  I know he might only get 10-20 steals, but he did say he wanted to run more, and more importantly I think the other 4 categories are the safest in the draft.  I also genuinely think he has the potential to have like a 330 BA season, hell he did it last year and all his metrics check out.  Also he’s the only one other than Arraez that projection systems are saying will have over 300 BA 

    Are you crazy for taking the best hitter in the game as number 1?

    Yes, there's a .0000000001% chance that he makes it back as pick 24. Why aren't you risking that?

  4. Don't sleep on him, he was the 2019 HR hitting champ avg not bad and walks a fair bit for OBP leagues.  Mashing it up in ST.  Last year he was dealing with some injuries but seems totally healthy now.

  5. 5 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:

    It's a bold prediction, so I can't hate. But like so many of these things have to happen for them to not make playoffs. Worst case is the Padres are phenomenal and dodgers are a wild card team. Seems possible to me. 

    But even with all those bad case things you outlined, we still haven't seen breakouts from Lux, May, and Gonsolin which I think are likely imminent at least two of them. They have Josiah Gray and Busch close to the majors. Zach Mckinstry someone I mentioned in this thread.They are just very stacked (to a slightly lesser extent so are the Padres). If Bauer is a 0 this year (and I don't think that happens) they're team is still best positioned. David Price hardly needs to be an ace on this team, he's a back end starter for them.

    You mention legitimate concerns, but doubt most of them happen, and I think you're under selling some upside they have untapped.

    Hey It's a bold prediction, I wouldn't go into the Dodgers thread and trash talk them. 

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  6. Starting to get this very Bold prediction feeling..maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    LA Dodgers do not make the playoffs.

    Let's look at the reasons why this is possible: (Just playing DA here..don't beat me up).

    Bauer.  This guy is wildly unpredictable.  Could win Cy young but could be a flop.  generally has a history of good-bad-good year.

    Kershaw - No Spring chicken anymore, Support stats sure aren't what they used to be.

    Buehler - another unpredictable guy.  There's always injury concerns. At best they won't give him more than 6 innings a game.  

    Price - was on the decline even before last season and then last season he misses entirely.  

    (In a deeper league I kind of love owning May and Gonsolin as backups.)

    Cody Bellinger - fell off the wagon hard last year.

    Turner - mid 30's lots of injury concerns.

    Seager - injury concerns.

    Plus just in general how often have we seen a team win the World Series and next year they were just as good?  There's been general baseball patterns.

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  7. 10 hours ago, street sharks said:

    Another bomb tonight off another righty (Kela)

    I bet he ends up being the most added player the first week of the season

    Most drafts are happening next week, the week leading up to the season.  I had a draft on Tuesday though and grabbed him with my last overall pick.  I think he's going to get drafted soon.

    Unfortunately 1 thing I learned over the years, never underestimate the stupidity of baseball managers. But If I'm SF right now, and I know I have to play against the Dodgers and Padres, I need to hit hard on a few longshots to be competitive.  The same can also be said for Fantasy baseball sometimes.


    edit: I'm scared he's going to go nuts on the weekend and I wont have him cheap on my other drafts next week.

  8. I just drafted and ended up with Bauer as my N#1 pitcher and honestly I had my intuition based sinking feeling.  The only solace I am taking is that the Dodgers usually know how to get the best from their pitchers and the run support should more than be there.

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  9. 53 minutes ago, B&F said:

    Considering the cost he is a great pick up.  I am in a 14 team league.  We had our draft and he is on the wire.

    He isn't really playable vs RHPs.

    Just curious, who is on your bench in a 14 team league that you consider to be better than Austin Slater?

    A 14 team league with standard roster spots, he absolutely needs to be owned.  It's a longshot but his upside is incredible.

  10. Anyone remember the former poster "Mysonx3"?

    A few years ago he posted an analysis showing that Kershaw was more valuable than Trout in their primes about 10 years ago.  Standard 5x5

    Anyways, I do agree with general idea that you shouldn't take any SP early in the first round.  This article was tailored for drafts.  But guess what, not everybody drafts.  If you do an auction (now renamed a salary cap league) then you have the ability to just purchase SPs at any time and pay their actual cost.  You don't need to reach for Degrom or Bieber in the first round, knowing you won't get them later.

    I would go so far as to say that in Auction - Roto (The Cadillac of fantasy baseball), purchasing at least ONE Ace is the absolute BEST thing you can do to help you win the league.  I have never won an auction Roto league when not purchasing one and usually if I disappoint it is because my Ace fell apart.  I consider the only true Ace this year to be Degrom, Bieber and Cole have a few question marks.  But I see no reason not to purchase Degrom for low 40's this year.

  11. Lots of big problems with auctions:

    you can’t practice.  Ever try to mock draft an auction? A couple people try and the rest get bored and quit. Makes it harder to prepare.

    If you win your league often people are going to try to steal your picks. There’s a winners tax.

    takes so long.. we are only human and if you do 4 auction leagues in a week, it’s going to grind you.

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