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  1. it depends on which scouting report you read. I looked them both up on mlb.com to refresh my memory on soto.
  2. if you would have traded bo for let's say ... Donaldson I'd go mmmm idk about that deal. Or (putting the suspension aside) Cano before the whole steroid thing came out I'd have said oooo bad deal Cano is declining. But stanton is going to decline when? 5 years from now? For argument sake wash otani and bo ... let's assume they have similar careers. It's essentially stanton for cain and marte. thats a home run
  3. not sure there is a wrong answer there. Bo is projected for more power at the moment and if he sticks at 2b/ss is a nice to have there while Soto has the makings of more of a hit tool with hopefully developing power. this is what people a helluva lot smarter than us are suggesting. you never know where they will end up
  4. German looked as bad in his second start as he looked great in his first. If his first start is the truth then he's worth watching. That said I lean to Pivetta too because German may not stay in the rotation ROS
  5. I'd grab Belt too. Before I did I'd try to stash Bird on the DL if possible. He's the guy I REALLY would want.
  6. you might regret it several years from now when Stanton is aging and Bo is in his prime. MIGHT you got one great player for several years, one rookie who could be good to very good who has all the appearances for a guy who is not a bust for two ok fantasy players and a prospect.
  7. that's your spin talking. I supposed to give up nola to get a guy who is essentially rendon and hence worthless and a closer for a team losing players every 10 minutes when i'll have chances on the closer carosel easily in a shallow league. good luck with that. offer it.....
  8. would shaw ride his bench too? Very likely he'd see it as a spare part and a closer for a good sp on a good team and decline it without thinking twice.
  9. yes the below kills it. I don't blame you for wanting to upgrade story's slot. Too many ifs what to go your way without Cole.
  10. you've got a few holes in the lineup. Zimmerman, 3b (temporary with Sano), but by far the biggest is the OF/Util. You could fix almost all of the problems with BOTH deals. make a small fix with Yelich or one big fix with Stanton. The good thing is dealing from the roation is smart because it's by far your biggest strength.
  11. he's not 100% to stick when Ervin Santana comes back but he's forcing their hand to keep him. I'm a little more skeptical that sanchez will quite get back to 2016 form or at least be consistently there. Here's the rub though.... Clearly the OTHER guy thinks Romero is the better choice of the two. That should tell you something. If you want him to have the upgrade he perceives he is getting you should make him pay a little more for it. Call it the David Putney rule.
  12. I would love to get my hands on stanton and rake for the rest of the year. Strasburg is your anchor though and Familia even though hes on a bad team is a stable closer ... i guess as stable as a closer can be. If those aren't problems for you adding stanton to that outfield is a great idea. If you do that you're really relying on the rest of your staff to hold their form ROS. while the impact of the other deal to your team is in smaller chunks it MIGHT be the smarter and more savy deal to make. Britton is kinda extra for you so it's essentially your 5th starter for what will likel
  13. you add the two together and it looks better.
  14. this. Godley is close enough to Greinke to not hurt you is manea gives you absolutely nothing.
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