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  1. Most likely #2 and Biggio moved down the order
  2. HPPR keep in mind I have Chubb Hunt vs Phi(10th) Higgins @ Wsh(2nd) Godwin vs Lar(1st) Harris @ Hou(30)
  3. 4 keeper HPPR I have an extra 3rd rder Mahomes RB - Chubb RB- JRobinson WR- AJ Brown WR- Godwin TE- Hockenson Flex- Hunt B- Jefferson, D Johnson, Higgins, Crowder, D Harris, Gaskin, Hasty Do you think this trade would be enough to win with or mediocre?
  4. Hasty vs GB (could be behind early) D Harris @ NYJ Godwin vs NO (finger) HPPR
  5. 12 team QB- Stream RB- Gurley RB- Swift WR- Hopkins WR- AJ Brown WR- Higgins TE- Stream Flex- Cooks Flex- Ruggs B- Dobbins, Akers, Cole etc
  6. 3 keeper HPPR Would you trade Swift and a 2nd for Chubb when he gets back
  7. DK gets the attention but AJ was better at college. Out of the 17 games they played together only twice did DK have more yards or receptions. AJ was their #1 and today he is the better all around WR.
  8. Yeah I agree Hopkins has some elite years left but I’m super high on AJ Brown and feel like if he had played every game this year healthy he wouldn’t be available. Keepers would be Chubb J Robinson/Mahomes Aj Brown Jefferaon/Mahomes
  9. I’m 8 out of 10 but one win from 4th. I feel like my team had a chance but there’s one juggernaut team
  10. 4 player keeper. Looking to transition from one great to another. Would you do that. Hopkins only has so many years left of elite keeper value. Mahomes Chubb J Robinson Hopkins Godwin Jefferson Hockenson Hunt, D Johnson, Higgins, Gaskin, Crowder, M Williams, D Harris, Mattison
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