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  1. ESPN seems to have deleted my league's transaction history from prior years in their site update. Anyone else experiencing this? Our keepers are based on FAAB dollars so we're pretty much f*cked if that history is permanently deleted. Surely other people are noticing this...
  2. In daily leagues Lamb should be a top target late in drafts. A .900-940 OPS guy against RHP with multi position eligibility who is basically free in drafts. Draft him as one of your bench spots, start him only against RHP, and you have a 3rd round bat in 60% of your games at no cost.
  3. Very strange, I've never seen this before on ESPN.
  4. Another sterling performance in the post-Fortnite era. Perhaps we buried him too soon.
  5. @taobball can you help a brother out and give a quick list of the players you are highest on this year compared to the consensus?
  6. Ho hum another CG with double digit Ks. Yawn
  7. I'm dropping. Not starting him @Fenway regardless, and if he impresses I probably wouldn't have much trouble picking him back up. With those awful road splits I would much rather use a roster spot on one of the young SPs getting called up like Weaver or Honeywell.
  8. "Roberts declined to offer a timetable for Kershaw’s return but said Kershaw had a “Level 1” strain. Strains are graded in terms of severity. The Dodgers hope Kershaw can return in four to six weeks, according to a person familiar with the matter, but the injury Roberts specified generally resolves itself in less time than that. 'A Grade 1 strain is the mildest kind of strain you can get,' said Dr. Jonathan Sum, assistant professor of clinical physical therapy at USC. “The timetable for that is fairly short.” I'm sorry but 6 weeks for a grade 1 muscle strain is ridiculous. Take a couple starts off, rub some dirt on it and get back out there. Kenny Bania has a fantasy championship to win.
  9. Traded a prime keeper for this guy on Friday to lock up my league championship. What a nightmare. Was watching yesterday and in my mind there is no doubt this is a minor tweak that they are using as an excuse to keep him fresh for the playoffs. I didn't even notice him grimace, then half the clubhouse runs out there to check on the guy, he throws a few warmups, they let him finish the inning and he strikes the batter out and looks fine. How in the hell does that correlate to a 4-6 week injury?
  10. At home vs. a bad offense. F* it I'll take one for the team. Guaranteed blowup coming based on how my streams have gone.
  11. Anyone starting? Seems like an obvious sit based on his home ERA and Cubs bats getting hot over the weekend, but I really need the innings.
  12. I'm no baseball expert, but someone explain to me why a guy slugging .693 is leading off while NEIL WALKER is hitting cleanup.
  13. The buy low window has closed. I pity the fool who dropped one of the game's most consistent power hitters for 6-7 years running because of a 5-week slump to start the season.
  14. I traded Dallas Keuchel for Klubes after his CGSO. Thought I got a steal. Silly me I'll be pretty surprised if he misses more than 2 turns in the rotation. The fact that he's been pitching through it since spring training tells me it's not that serious. But def worried about the risk that this lingers all season and drags down his numbers.
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