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  1. I think that's more an indictment of the bums the Chiefs have had at tailback ever since they cut Kareem Hunt, and a similar thing could be said for the Bills as Allen has developed. Those are offenses that *should* be able to run the ball at will, but CEH and Singletary just aren't good enough to make defenses pay.
  2. I know, right? Reading that comment you’d think all the best fantasy backs are on the worst teams, when (with a few exceptions) it’s usually the reverse. Competently quarterbacked offenses stay on the field, don’t turn over the ball as much, make more trips to the red zone, and spend the fourth quarter chewing clock with lots of running plays against tired defenses. The Jags aren’t going to become elite overnight when they add Lawrence, but I don’t think we’ve seen JRob’s ceiling, and it’s silly to suggest that an improvement at QB would hurt his fantasy value.
  3. 20-team 0.5 PPR, 12-4, most Points For, most Points Against QB: Russell Wilson RB: James RB1SZN watched the Super Bowl from the bench, Chris Carson, a rotating cast of bums like Brian Hill and Peyton Barber WR: TyFreak, Mike Evans, Cole Beasley, Denzel Mims TE: Irv Smith in the ship, Jared Cook most of the season K: Daniel Carlson D/ST: Ravens I won the Super Bowl by 0.92 points. Cole Beasley pushed me just over the top with his 3.20 performance.
  4. I was thinking this same thing -- PIT is simply imploding at the wrong time. Maybe the same is true for the Rams. You can't just shake off that humiliating Jets defeat as a bunch of fluky broken plays. The Rams legit looked like they didn't know how to play football on either side of the ball for all four quarters. Maybe Russell proves the haters wrong with a ceiling game.
  5. Early in the season it looked like this team was thinking Super Bowl, but with the way they've struggled to close things out against bad teams I don't know if they can afford to get cute like that. The defense can't stop anyone and no lead is safe. So, I don't know if you can have Hyde take every other series in the first half and hand the reins over to Carson in the second half once it becomes a one-score game. By the time it gets close, they're in danger of losing. I think Carson will practice in full this week and get his normal workload back next week.
  6. So what exactly Happened with Wentz? He was drawing Big Ben comparisons early on, had that near-MVP season, and then just seems to have fallen off a cliff. He had some tough injuries, but it's all mental, right?
  7. My opponent started David Moore in our 20-team league. Unfortunately for him I started Tyreek.
  8. This is the example I was going to type -- beyond the fact that Geno Smith hasn't started a game since December 3, 2017, the last time he was a starter in 2014 (!) he posted a 13:13 TD/INT ratio over 14 games. Which is... not great. Is moving to Geno going to "teach a lesson" to one of the league's best QB's, or is it just going to forfeit the game? Going to the backup running back nearly always fixes the fumbling issue for the remainder of the game without disrupting the rest of the offense too much.
  9. That was kind of a big story when he was drafted. Would be a much bigger story if he’d grown it back over the last few years.
  10. Lockett at 42 points even in 0.5ppr. In my league, the Lockett owner also started Cam, so he’s just barely winning.
  11. This is just getting sloppy now. Not every play needs to be a 50 yard TD.
  12. It’s a good thing I’m winning by over 60 points or that Wilson pick would have upset me.
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