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  1. Holy cow...full season ball at 18 and having only played in the DSL last year? That seems super-aggressive, even if he was held back a little to start. A slow start doesn't concern me too much, looking forward to how he adjusts/responds in the summer months.
  2. For starters, here's a 2019 in-season update at triple-A Memphis (he only had 17 games there last season): 20 G, 83 PA, .320/.386/.400 slash, 1 HR, 7 BB / 9 K Just for fun, I looked up Yadi's minor league numbers to compare vs Knizner's. There's plenty to be excited about concerning Knizner. Disclaimer: I am not suggesting he is, or will be, better than Yadi. Yadi is a future Hall of Famer - period. Yadier Molina: MiLB numbers only (baseball-reference.com) 301 Games 1165 PA .280/.337/.372 slash line 75 BB / 120K (6.4% BB / 10.3% K) 14 HR / 39
  3. Think a dynasty auction would be $10+ for sure. For a keeper/redraft, slightly under given innings cap this year and next year. Just spitballing here.
  4. Good question. I can only think of Strasburg, right about a decade ago.
  5. I know everybody loves Wander - myself included - but #2 is amazing to me. For comparison, the next-ranked prospect that has not played above Rookie-level ball is 66 spots down in Ronny Mauricio, closely followed by guys like Matt Liberatore, Cole Winn, and Jarred Kelenic. And between #2 and #68 is Joey Bart and Alec Bohm as the only other guys without full-season experience - but, obviously, these two guys were highly-regarded college bats that played a full college season slate. I realize I'm probably in the minority but I still think it's nuts to rank a 17-year old without full-season
  6. Good stuff there. The lack of consensus on his scouting grades is scary. For example, fangraphs has him with a FV 40 Hit and FV 55 Power while MLBpipeline has those at 50 and 40 respectively - of course after last year's showing I'd expect those to change somewhat. I'm not sure who has him with four 55-grade tools but, if so, wow that seems mighty generous. The lack of pedigree and consistency, coupled with his suspect defense just doesn't scream top-100 to me, that's all. Is he worth a gamble? Sure - depending on your situation. My situations don't warrant it though. I think if you
  7. Personally, I have a really hard time buying into his power given his mediocre hit tool and penchant for swinging and missing. I feel like his absolute ceiling is Dan Uggla - and even that might be a stretch. More realistically, for fantasy purposes, I see him as useful as Hechavarria but with some power potential - but not defensively, therefore making it unlikely he has as long a career. But hey, the kid's got a cool name. Might sound harsh for a kid that's gotten a lot of love lately, but a moderate ceiling with low floor and high risk is not a fantasy gamble I plan to make.
  8. I'm a big Brujan fan. I've seen him ranked a few other places, and everything I've read on him indicates he should be in the 75-125 range. I can't wait to see what he does in the upper minors. I'm not sure any IFA that hasn't played full-season ball should be ranked #13, or anywhere in the top-25 for that matter. They're so far away when they sign and so much can happen between short-season leagues and full-season leagues. Track record-wise, IFAs are so highly volatile to project until they reach full-season ball. I love Wander Franco - but I'd feel more comfortable seeing him in the 26-5
  9. To each his own, no doubt. The only guys I'd make an argument for ahead of Nunez are Luciano and Alcantara, but I believe both are significantly higher ranked than Nunez. I like Marte, too, but he's only 7 months younger than Nunez and hasn't played any competitive ball other than against other academies. I like scouting reports and projection as much as the next guy - but I'll still take the kid that actually crushed in competitive ball at league-average age and should make his stateside debut soon over the 7-month-younger kid who may not even play US rookie ball until 2020. If
  10. Malcom Nunez, 3B, STL. Kid's a beast. Was a touch old for the DSL (typical high-ranked J2 signees closer to 16-years old) but played a full slate in his signing year which actually puts him on pace with typical 16-year-old J2 signees who don't play until the following year in DSL/VSL leagues. You can look up his stats but this wouldn't be a tout without quoting a few, all from baseball-reference.com. In 199 PAs, Nunez walked AND struck out about 15% of the time - good-to-great on both fronts. He also hit 13 homers - mind you, double-digit homers in foreign summer leagues are som
  11. Nice. I didn't even realize he didn't have his own thread. I've rostered him for over 2 years in one of my leagues. My anecdotal evidence for why I think he's a top-150, maybe top-100, prospect is that he seems to have a plus hit tool for a catcher (base hits + great plate discipline) with power potential (25 homers in just under 1000 minor-league ABs). I also recall reading multiple articles indicating he's an average to above-average defender; his caught-stealing rate has declined as he advances, indicating his arm may be capable but he has to make up for it through pop time and/or foot
  12. I'd guess late-June to early-July, assuming he's still on a tear. The A's are highly cost-conscious, so I think they'd wait until the super-two cutoff has clearly passed. They're not going to want to pay for 4 years of arbitration if he's ready in middle of another ho-hum, typical-A's season. Now, if they somehow manage to be the hottest team in baseball and Beane's feeling like they're just a starter away from solidifying a shot at the postseason, I wouldn't put it past them to bring him up in May. It just seems highly unlikely that they'll be in that position AND willing to bring him up
  13. Luzardo was actually projected to be a first-rounder by scouts until the injury, so he was a known commodity - just maybe not to the general fantasy community since he didn't make a pro pitch before TJS like Paddack did. Not quite an apples to apples comparisons.
  14. Great deal. Remember when Rougned Odor was gonna become a superstar? I'm not saying Albies falls flat completely - just that I'd take the established stud over a hot name that wasn't known for power and an aging closer.
  15. Keuchel is also inconsistent and prone to getting lit up, repped by Boras so likely to be elsewhere next season. Lance is not a pillar of health. Morton - while pitching like an ace mostly - COULD, not will, fall apart. It may be the best staff but it's not infallible either. And Kopech still needs to consistently locate while refining his command of pitches that don't hit triple digits. I think Whitley, by far, is the better fantasy investment.
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