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  1. No, I understand very well, but I can't do anything, if I don't like a term "single-handendly". I have played 11 seasons fantasy and always, I repeat always TEAM win, not a particular player.
  2. Yes, but I won blocks this week 39:20. I didn't even need his blocks... That's why I have said that nobody wins category single-handedly.
  3. In both leagues where I play postponement caused almost equal damage to me and opponent. That is happened every time, can't complain.
  4. For people who love BBM rankings: Hield is four places ahead of DeAaron Fox.
  5. I already said in one reply that Covington is in my team in deep 20-team league and that fact helps a lot because in that deep league even James Ennis (also in my team) is not droppable, also Jarred Vanderbilt. But every player has different statset and Covington stats actually don't satisfy me as much as his BBM rank. For him I have so-called "correction coefficient" which is that I rank him 20-40 places lower than his actual rank. He finished last season as 34th player and it means I started to consider him near pick 60. Finally I drafted him as 63rd pick but of course I am not satisfied bec
  6. OK, he can be useful, but that fact you have to accept that he is worse than expected. What I expected: 10 pts 6 reb 1,8 stl, 1,4 blk, 2 threes. Only rebounds and steals almost matched, other stats not. But I own him in deep league (20 teams) which is much easier because there you can't even think about dropping him.
  7. First deal will not be accepted. Second one is quite even.
  8. At least 28 minutes is guaranteed even if he came from bench.
  9. I have in my league 3 IL spots and of course I keep him now because it doesn't make any damage. But if there would have been some other sort of league settings then keeping him is maybe not reasonable because LeVert is not an elite fantasy player. He is somewhere near TOP75 and when you don't really know when he returns then drop can be done. TOP20-30 player I would have kept in any circumstances if there is hope that he returns. That is difference - LeVert has some value, but he is not a player who helps your team too much.
  10. What train? I picked him already at 15th January.
  11. Keeping him in standard 12-team league doesn't seem reasonable. Fortunately he is on my team in deep 20-team league and there he is valuable addition.
  12. I think that you have to start with player who is in IL. If you want to put third player to IL and it is full (2 IL spots available), you can't do it in any possible way. But you can start with removing IL player to the bench. System doesn't allow it immediately, but after second step (injured player to IL) all is fixed. Like Darkyume explained above.
  13. OK, thank you, I see. I thought that player who gives 7 assists as average, just can't be low usage guy...
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