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  1. Yes, during one or two games. But +/- average during season is quite remarkable stat. Of course I don't know about Robert Williams, I just noticed that in last game which Boston won, he had -14.
  2. At first I am sorry because I live in Europe and has not seen recently Celtics games (one channel shows NBA games but our time is night then), but before you criticize coach, look at +/- category. These numbers I can see...
  3. He WAS available about 2 weeks ago, not now.
  4. It is interesting that I did opposite way. I needed a streamer on Sunday because of very close score (H2H) at assists. I thought I need 4-5 assists to ensure win in this category. And now I think Satoransky maybe stays in team until the end of the season.
  5. Many people here asked: should I keep LeVert (during his absence). But isn't it that all leagues have IR spot? We have three spots in our league and of course I kept him there because these three spots were never full. Therefore I didn't understand, what was the problem that somebody dropped him.
  6. He was available in my league and I thought about him, but didn't take. The question is should I regret it? Of course it is more an assistant coach forum question (and now late also), but should I pick Robert Williams, when I lead in my league by huge margin at rebounds and narrowly second place in blocks and I have already Collins, Capela and Holmes? My tactics have always been balanced stats and though I fail often to do it, right now I thought that one more big man doesn't help me basically.
  7. Do it quickly, otherwise Jrue's owner maybe changes his mind.
  8. Capela is better than Holmes. And I can say it because I have both in my team.
  9. The main reason why I write here is that very often I have heard how Covington is like savior who won for somebody blocks or steals. At first: Covington alone can't win anything. If you have decent rest of team and at least average in stocks then Covington can help you to be higher in stocks. But it helps you in Roto, but not in H2H. I have Covington in my 20 team league and what is result? I am in third place both at steals and blocks, but how much I have won weeks? Steals 3-6-1 and blocks 6-4-0. You see - I have third in steals but still 3-6-1!!! That is my answer if anybody says: if you hav
  10. I mean these three are all now actually ranked among TOP30. The fact that maybe Covington was ranked higher before season doesn't help me because I did a mistake by not drafting Harris or Turner.
  11. I own Covington first time and wanted to ask: is he always so inconsistent? I think last season stats were still better despite some good games recently? To own him is quite frustrating because so much "empty" lines, but here everybody is very high on him. I drafted him as 58th pick and I still think I could have chose better available player (for example available were Tobias Harris, Gordon Hayward, Myles Turner and some others).
  12. By last five games average he is 12-team relevant: 11,8/4.6/1,8/ and 1,6 stl, 1blk, 2,2 threes. Shooting also improved.
  13. Interesting, but I would have preferred Bam+Young.
  14. No, I understand very well, but I can't do anything, if I don't like a term "single-handendly". I have played 11 seasons fantasy and always, I repeat always TEAM win, not a particular player.
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