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  1. I only just now was able to get him to add a second player.
  2. I don't think I could. He is adamant about receiving three 50+ fantasy point scorers.
  3. This is a doozy. The Giannis owner is trying to trade Giannis for depth. My team has a lot of depth but has been underperforming lately. He just offered me Giannis and Ben Simmons/Fred VanVleet for Beal, Drummond, and Jrue Holiday. The league is a 10 team points league. Here is my team currently: PG: Jrue and Dame SG: Beal, Danuel House SF: Barton, Marcus Morris, PF: Paschall, Wagner, Siakim, Bagley Center: Drummond, Adams, Mitchell Robinson, Thomas Bryant
  4. Paschall has the upside. I'd go Paschall.
  5. I was asked to participate in trade talks today and the decision ended on Drummond and Barton for Kemba, RJ Barrett, and Dejounte Murray. What say you? This is a 10 team points league. PG: Jrue and Dame SG: Beal SF: Kuzma, Barton, Kenrich Williams (streamer) PF: Siakim, Marcus Morris, Derrick Favors, Paschall, Bagley (IR) Center: Drummond, Bryant, Baynes Thoughts?
  6. PG: Jrue and Dame SG: Beal SF: Kuzma and Barton PF: Siakim, Marcus Morris, Paschall, Bagley, PJ Washington Center: Drummond, Bryant, Baynes, Powell I guess I would drop Barton and Powell? This is a ten team league.
  7. Drummond for Ingram, Bam, and Isaac. This is a points league. Thoughts?
  8. Is he a jog don't walk candidate in a points league? I don't see him as a run don't walk candidate in a points league but maybe I'm wrong?
  9. When can we expect him to be back? There are a couple guys I've thought about picking up this week that might replace his production?
  10. Is he still worth a hold in a 12 team points league?
  11. I think I am going to go through with this trade? Am I wrong for doing this? lol
  12. He has now countered with Middleton instead of Murray. Am I wrong in thinking Murray>Middleton?
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