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  1. Do we think J.B will go multiple innings or be strictly a one inning guy?
  2. Yes, but Altuve never actually had Covid I believe. Just was exposed to someone.
  3. It's not great. 2B- Solano and Wendle SS- Corey Seager, Solano, and Wendle. I feel like I can fill the void at OF easier than I can middle infield. I was hoping to see if that were true and get reassurance from you guys. I also have Teoscar Hernandez coming back soon, but who knows how affected he will be coming back from Covid.
  4. You absolutely killed in these trades. Huge fan of the Goldy addition. He'll likely carry that Cardinals team to another division title. And this coming from a Reds fan.
  5. We only start three OF'ers and one UTL spot. So, currently I'm starting Acuna (up until injury), Blackmon, and Rosario. And at UTL I am mixing and matching between Nate Lowe, McKinstry, Yuli Gurriel, Joey Wendle, and Phillip Evans.
  6. The Altuve owner in my league is loaded at 2B. Has LeMahieu and Segura as well. I have quite a few respectable OF’ers; Acuna, Wil Myers, Eddie Rosario, Charlie Blackmon, Zack McInstry (who knows how long he’ll be playing as well as he has been) and Teoscar Hernandez. But my 2B position is weak with my only one being Donovan Solano. The other owner offered me Altuve for Blackmon straight up. I countered with Rosario for Altuve. My question is, would you trade Blackmon for Altuve straight up in my position? My league starts a CF, two OF positions, and a UTL position. WHIR! Thanks!
  7. Where are we at with the Nationals back of the bullpen situation. Specifically, Rainey. They’ve had multiple close games where he hasn’t made an appearance. Are we dropping him?
  8. Is Kim a quick addition if Tatis is out for a decent amount of time?
  9. No love for him after his impressive start against the Dodgers. 5 IP, 7 K's, 1 BB's. What are our thoughts on his outlook for this year? Not buying because he is in Coors for half of his starts?
  10. I only just now was able to get him to add a second player.
  11. I don't think I could. He is adamant about receiving three 50+ fantasy point scorers.
  12. This is a doozy. The Giannis owner is trying to trade Giannis for depth. My team has a lot of depth but has been underperforming lately. He just offered me Giannis and Ben Simmons/Fred VanVleet for Beal, Drummond, and Jrue Holiday. The league is a 10 team points league. Here is my team currently: PG: Jrue and Dame SG: Beal, Danuel House SF: Barton, Marcus Morris, PF: Paschall, Wagner, Siakim, Bagley Center: Drummond, Adams, Mitchell Robinson, Thomas Bryant
  13. Paschall has the upside. I'd go Paschall.
  14. I was asked to participate in trade talks today and the decision ended on Drummond and Barton for Kemba, RJ Barrett, and Dejounte Murray. What say you? This is a 10 team points league. PG: Jrue and Dame SG: Beal SF: Kuzma, Barton, Kenrich Williams (streamer) PF: Siakim, Marcus Morris, Derrick Favors, Paschall, Bagley (IR) Center: Drummond, Bryant, Baynes Thoughts?
  15. PG: Jrue and Dame SG: Beal SF: Kuzma and Barton PF: Siakim, Marcus Morris, Paschall, Bagley, PJ Washington Center: Drummond, Bryant, Baynes, Powell I guess I would drop Barton and Powell? This is a ten team league.
  16. Drummond for Ingram, Bam, and Isaac. This is a points league. Thoughts?
  17. Is he a jog don't walk candidate in a points league? I don't see him as a run don't walk candidate in a points league but maybe I'm wrong?
  18. When can we expect him to be back? There are a couple guys I've thought about picking up this week that might replace his production?
  19. Is he still worth a hold in a 12 team points league?
  20. I think I am going to go through with this trade? Am I wrong for doing this? lol
  21. He has now countered with Middleton instead of Murray. Am I wrong in thinking Murray>Middleton?
  22. Take JJJ and run if you are the Bledsoe owner.
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