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  1. I am looking to upgrade my team. I am in a 10 team points league, H2H. I am trying to trade Jrue while his value is still high (I know he'll get better than what he is right now, but I don't think he'll quite repeat last year). Does a Jrue for Brandon Ingram and Conley make sense for me? Below is my team now: PG: Lillard, Dragic, and Jrue SG: Beal SF: (stream spot, currently have Isaac, Prince, and Kuzma) PF: Siakim, Milsap, Marcus Morris Center: Drummond, Adams, Bryant IR: Bagley Please let me know what you think, I WHIR!!
  2. What do we think?? Are we buying low on Conley?
  3. Isaac was dropped in my ten team league...he should immediately be picked up correct?
  4. Mid-game hot take, but he is entering drop territory...if he wasn't already.
  5. Very fair. That's why I said a "package" though.
  6. Because he's shown throughout his career to be a boom or bust. If I can get a top end RB in a package for him I'd do it in a heartbeat (as I am weak at RB).
  7. He was dropped Wednesday and sat on the waiver wire all week. I decided to give it a whirl around 12:30 Sunday morning. Thank god I did. Hopefully he continues against the Chiefs, Colts, and Oakland then I can sell majorly high.
  8. I know I know. Just trying to have a conversation about JJJ. I think he will light it up in this fast paced offense.
  9. Ahh, yes. Sorry I misunderstood. So would you keep JJJ over Pascal?
  10. Is JJJ worthy of a keeper in a three keeper league? I have Jrue Holiday and Bradley Beal that I know I will keep. The last spot is between JJJ, Lauri Markkanen, and Pascal Siakim.
  11. Horrible trade IMO. Waller is seeing an elite level of targets. Have a higher demand for him than Coleman.
  12. Tevin Coleman? I'm not sure how to value him lol.
  13. Are we debating sitting him? I have Hardman and Metcalf on my bench and I am debating starting them over Godwin in this tough matchup.
  14. Yeah, I was debating sitting him for Alshon Jeffery tonight. Stuck with Thielen.
  15. Anyone debating sitting him this week vs this Bears defense?
  16. Debating trading Thielen for Montgomery and Darell Williams. Should I turn around? A lot of doom and gloom going on in here.
  17. I just don't understand how I can sit Adam Thielen, Marquiese Brown, or Chris Godwin for him this week. Can you convince me?
  18. Also, do you believe that Thielen will even come close to returning to last year's numbers? Because if I can get an RB1 for Thielen who is playing in the Dalvin Cook show shouldn't I do that. And yes, I know Kareem Hunt will muddy the waters once he comes back.
  19. Even with my surplus at WR and only having two decent RB's?
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