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  1. So, I'd like to upgrade my RB's. How do you guys feel about Thielen and Mark Ingram III for Nick Chubb and Aaron Jones? Here is my team: QB- Baker Mayfield WR- Julio Jones WR- Adam Thielen RB- Dalvin Cook RB- Mark Ingram TE: Streaming after the Hunter Henry injury, currently Fant FLEX- Chris Godwin FLEX- Alshon Jeffery Bench: Marquise Brown DK Metcalf Alex Mattison Justice Hill Mecole Hardman Chris Herndon Tarik Cohen
  2. I don't think I'll burn a waiver wire bid on him. But if he isn't picked up after waivers I may pick him up.
  3. I am a little unsure about Baker at this moment and my RB situation is in question as well. I am in talks with a team about Lamar Jackson and Josh Jacobs. I started with Chris Godwin but he changed the conversation to Adam Thielen. Now, I'd rather trade Thielen but I just want to run it by you guys first. Is Thielen for Josh Jacobs and Lamar Jackson a good trade for me? Here is my team: QB- Baker Mayfield WR- Julio Jones WR- Adam Thielen RB- Dalvin Cook RB- Mark Ingram TE: Streaming after the Hunter Henry injury, currently Fant FLEX- Chris Godwin
  4. I would pick SF out of those three. Isn't Connor a bit banged up too? Could see a shell of the Steelers that started week one.
  5. Wentz out. Actually, the whole Eagles 53-man roster is out.
  6. I picked up Fant this week over Gesicki after the Hunter Henry injury. Why am I wrong?
  7. I think we can say Metcalf is in a run-centric situation. But not so much AJ Brown. They will be down just as much if not more than up in the the game and will be forced to throw.
  8. I really like AJ Brown's game. Strongly considering picking him up before Sunday.
  9. I don't think Matt Ryan is much of an upgrade over Wentz. Lockett and Brown are in heavy run offenses so neither are in great situations. I would say no and sit tight.
  10. We feel comfortable starting Baker against the Jets? Jameis on my bench doesn't make me feel much more comfortable but I don't know how to feel about Baker's matchup. Maybe pick up someone Wednesday to see who is left off the scrap heap. I like Baker ROS but the performance on Sunday scared me a bit.
  11. How are we liking Baltimore vs. Arizona? I have them already but am tempted to pick up NE vs. MIA.
  12. Tyreek-lite?? Explain yourself. Why do you feel that he is Tyreek-lite?
  13. That's the way I am leaning as well. The fact that he was only in the teens with his snap count scared me off. But learning he was limited in practice all week has me fully on Brown.
  14. I tend to agree about Thielen. My thought process was sell high on Thielen after what hopefully is a really strong first few weeks. But I didn't expect my RB's to be as weak as it is.
  15. Justice Hill and Mattison, both handcuffs to my starting RB's. That's it.
  16. I'd roll with Robinson. I would hate to have a dud of a game out of Montgomery week 1. Let him get work in this week and see how he does on your bench.
  17. I drafted Hill and Mattison to protect Cook and Ingram early on in the season. And on the wire there is Ito Smith, Ty Montgomery, Mike Davis, and Ogunbowale. That is the best that I see.
  18. I guess that question becomes how high are you (not you specifically but in general) on Godwin. I am really high on him and wouldn't want to undervalue him in a trade before the season even starts. I'm in a tough spot lol.
  19. I have this same question. I am WR heavy and don't have many quality backs. I'm sorry if I am jacking this thread, but would you trade Thielen straight up for Fournette? Between the two, I lean Fournette for sure. Just not sure how to value him.
  20. The way my draft panned out, my RB's are completely weak. This is my starting lineup: QB- Baker WR- Julio WR- Thielen RB- Cook RB- Ingram II Flex- Godwin Flex- Jeffery with Tarik Cohen as my only other RB and Allison and Anthony Miller on my bench. My question is are my WR's deep enough to trade Thielen or Godwin for an established RB? I am in talks with one team about trading Thielen for Michel or Fournette but I struggle with getting rid of Thielen. Thoughts? WHIR.
  21. Traded him for Gallo straight up last week. Both of the owners taking risks.
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