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  1. The Jokic for Randle and Lavine deal would be in a points league. I am not competing this year and am looking for keepers (we get three keepers a year). Also negotiating a deal for Kemba and Hield.
  2. Are we expecting an uptick in production after this trade? In negotiations to trade Jokic for Julius Randle and Lavine. Not sure how I feel about Lavine ROS.
  3. I understand. I am working on a trade right now for Tobias Harris or Kyle Lowry.
  4. Had a good game last night. On the waiver wire for me. Debating on picking him up.
  5. Are we thinking about dropping at all? His latest run has been horrible. I'm in a 10 team H2H points league that will have three keepers at the end of the year. The keepers are the only reason I haven't dropped him yet. We have seen what he can do when he isn't in foul trouble and is getting consistent minutes. But he's not producing right now.
  6. He's on my WW in a 10 team H2H points league. Debating picking him up, but don't have an IL spot available.
  7. I know we can not completely predict mins with the Knicks, but can we assume Mudiay will get 30+ mins on Friday?
  8. I traded De'Aaron Fox and John Collins for Josh Richardson and Derrick Rose. Now Fox is starting to get back on track and John Collins is averaging 20 and 10 since I traded him. I was desperate for a SF at the time (literally didn't have a SF when I made the trade). Hate myself right now.
  9. You ignored my real question. Are we fearful that he won't make it through the season at this same clip? I acknowledged that right this moment is not a good time to sell. But once he has a string of good games again are we selling because, 1. he has a history of not playing the full season and; 2. he has never performed this well before
  10. So is the consensus selling because a fear of a breakdown? Obviously we are waiting for a good game again before we sell.
  11. Booker does not have a timetable for his return. Is he a pick-up in a 10 team points league?
  12. Wasn't the breakout week the week he went for 50+ three straight games in a point league and had double-doubles each game? Since then he's s--- the bed.
  13. I traded my: De'Aaron Fox and John Collins for Josh Richardson and Derrick Rose I was desperate for a SF (literally don't have one right now, use it as a streaming spot) and regretted having to trade John Collins. But I am deep at PF with Siakim, JJJ, Bagley, Vonleh, and Markannen on IL.
  14. Who knows. They see a name being traded for a Jokic and a rookie and freak out. The people who watch the NBA religiously in my league are befuddled.
  15. I just traded Nikola Jokic and JJJ for Giannis. Is this a successful trade? Its a 10 team H2H points league with three keepers.
  16. My league is H2H 10 teamer. Not that you need to answer based on those specifications, just giving context.
  17. Can he really keep up the 19 PPG he’s had over the last week?
  18. Based on what? Not trying to be a d!ck but just want to make sure I’m making the best move for me.
  19. Are we a believer that Porter is back? I have an owner really trying to sell high on him.
  20. Let's go! Need to trade some of my PF's now. I have Siakim, JJJ, John Collins, Vonleh, Bagley, and Mark.
  21. Can't believe I got him along with Beal and Marc Gasol for Kawhi and Draymond who has only played like twice in the last three weeks since I traded him. Was targeting JJJ and ended up with Beal and Gasol too.
  22. I'm waiting for Markannen to come back so that I can throw Levert on my IR. As soon as this happens I'm good to go. But its killing me having one spot held by someone out.
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