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  1. Imagine calling someone a bum after one bad game (because of foul trouble) after coming off of three double-doubles in a row. Couldn’t be me.
  2. Sorry, I know a little off topic, but how far away is Dunn? He’s on waivers right now and I’ve had my eyes on him.
  3. I traded Bradley Beal and Pascal Siakim for Russell Westbrook. Steal.
  4. With Lowry potentially missing tonight, is Green the main beneficiary?
  5. I'm in a 10 team weekly league with 13 roster spots and a IR spot. Not sure I can pick someone up right now to hold until the second half. But yes I understand that. I did this with SGA and JJJ. They are just luckily in better situations.
  6. Why do you say that? I've heard the same from SGA and White. Why is this guy different? Not trying to be a d!ck, trying to decide if I should take a flyer on him.
  7. I'm trying to sell high currently. Don't want a part of a minutes share in Memphis.
  8. Debating taking a chance on him. He is on waivers right now.
  9. I know. I prioritized tonight's s*itty slate and and trying to stream players over Bogdan. I messed up.
  10. I'm upset. Was planning on picking him up tonight and dropping one of my two streaming options that I picked up for today on this short slate. Someone else picked him up under my nose. Big mad.
  11. What do you think of my Kawhi return mentioned above? I still question it but felt like the right thing to do.
  12. Damn, might put a claim in and put him in my IL spot. I'd have to take Markannen off and figure out who to drop. I've had John Collins taking up a roster spot anyway, so its nothing I'm not used to. But could be a good stash.
  13. I dropped him for a streaming option (Iguodala). He was the weakest player on my roster that I am willing to part with (I have speculative adds in White and Caroll that could make me regret dropping Lonzo). I got off to a good start this week in my H2H league so I wanted to keep up with my opponent tonight.
  14. Not sure if this belongs in the "successful trade" thread yet but I traded Kawhi Leonard and Draymond Green for Bradley Beal, Marc Gasol, and Jaren Jackson Jr. I was tired of having Kawhi play once a week. And even now in his last couple performances he's only scored in the low 40's for FP on ESPN standard. Draymond isn't scoring much in terms of real points either. I got two guys who are averaging nearly 50 FP in Beal and Gasol and Jackson who looks to be on his way to potentially approaching that. This league is all a three player keeper league, so Jackson might be in considerati
  15. Will he be seeing 30+ minutes regularly once his restriction is gone?
  16. Is he worth a pick-up in a 10 team league? Debating dropping Knox for him.
  17. Are we selling Kawhi after a string of good play? I can't take this sitting three straight games (if he indeed sits tomorrow).
  18. Knox a gametime decision tonight. Pick him up before he kills it in probably limited minutes tonight.
  19. We adding this guy now? A ESPN note says he might be back Monday.
  20. What do we think after last nights performance? Is he worth it to hold on to? Do we expect him to get >20 mins a game the whole season? SGA was dropped on waivers and I am debating dropping Lonzo or Reggie Jackson for him.
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