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  1. The guy played 15 hours ago, how does he get COVID in 15 hours or start showing obvious symptoms so quickly?
  2. Can someone tell me why J-Rich gets 1 day for health and safety protocols or KD gets 7 days but Tatum is out 10-14 days? Does he have COVID? The 10-14 days seems a bit arbitrary given other players absences.
  3. In a 10 team, 2QB auction league. Our budget is $200. I am thinking of keeping Zeke ($52) and Michael Thomas ($50) but that would take up $102 of my $200 budget, leaving me with $98 left to fill out the rest of my roster. Top QBs usually go for $35-40 Top RBs go for $60-70 Top WRs go for $45-55
  4. Think you did a good job w/ the draft especially if there is an OReb category. You have 4 guys who should average over 10 boards and likely at least 3 O boards a game. Guards are a little weak. Maybe flip Collins for one
  5. think its solid all around and you got the best player at number 5.
  6. 12 Team, 8-Cat Roto G - Trae Young G - CJ McCollum G - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander F - Robert Covington F - Marvin Bagley F - Jayson Tatum C - Joel Embiid C - Blake Griffin UTIL - Joe Ingles UTIL - Jeff Teague Bench: Dwight Howard, Javale McGee, Rui Hachimura, Josh Okogie, Derrick Jones Jr.
  7. yep, you wont be starting sanders over any of those 3.
  8. I would trade Eckler for JuJu 100% if you can
  9. need to know more about your other backs. Wouldnt do it unless you have depth
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