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  1. The impression I got was that Rojo was just a close contact and didn't test positive. Which would put him on track to play week 16. What a letdown for his owners if he doesn't!
  2. Real gutsy performance by Jacobs last night, you could tell how badly he wanted the W. Now you have to wonder how much incentive he has to smash week 16 with the Raiders out of the playoff hunt 😬
  3. No practice today doesn't bode well for a week 14 return...
  4. Based on? KC in week 14 is an obvious fade, but NE and LV offenses in week 15/16 don't scare me much.
  5. 14 team superflex dynasty league. My QB2/3 are Minshew and Fitzpatrick (ugh!). Would you drop one or both for any of the following? If so, who would you drop/pick up? Nick Mullins Mitch Trubisky Dwayne Haskins Could really use some advice. Thanks in advance.
  6. $300 salary cap 0.5 PPR keeper league: Jacobs @ $61 or Drake @ $35? Both have 2 years left on their deals.
  7. I was team A and I took it. AJ Brown will join Michael Thomas and DK Metcalf making a pretty nasty WR trio to own in a dynasty. I found out that the motivation for the other team is he's convinced that this upcoming season will be cancelled due to covid, and he's stockpiling young talent and picks as much as possible.
  8. He's got a very strong team, not sure what he'd need out of a trade with you. I think one weakness could be RB depth, so maybe try Engram + Guice?
  9. 14 team 0.5 PPR dynasty SUPERFLEX league. Which side do you prefer? Team A Receives: AJ Brown, Melvin Gordon, Gardner Minshew, 2021 4th Team B Receives Joe Burrow, Ceedee Lamb, Jameis Winston, Rashaad Penny, 2021 1st Thanks for your replies!!
  10. I suggest all the baseball card collectors investigate the world of pre-1930 tobacco and caramel cards. There is SO much out there that many collectors don't even know exist. I remember picking up my first t206 card and marveling that a c.1910 baseball card actually exists. They are like little pieces of art.
  11. Alvarez and it aint close IMO. Judge already battling injury issues with his shoulder.
  12. Almost a week has passed and no follow up news re: Freeman's elbow? Certainly makes drafting him at his ADP a risky proposition.
  13. Here's my line of thinking so far.... 1.10 goes to an arm, whichever one is left of Nola/Kershaw/Greinke/Hader. There's alot of arms being kept, once these guys and Darvish/Morton (who I'm not fond of) go off the board, there's a big dropoff. 2.15 I want the 1B's, I think one of Rizzo/Olson/Abreu/Muncy will fall to me there, and I'd be happy with that. Machado would also be tough to pass on even though I'm not a big fan. 2.19 I'll take Osuna if he's there and didn't take Hader with either of the previous picks. Thoughts?
  14. Definitely Lindor, Rendon, and Max. What happens when two players occupy the same round? Here's mine:
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