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  1. Thanks. I have the volume off with these 2 clowns announcing. I missed the injury earlier.
  2. How many Cy Young Awards did Butt hurt Curt end up with? In 20 years...he was in what...6 All Star games? Good pitcher...not great, IMO. I’m on the “Hope he never makes it to the HOF” bandwagon.
  3. Mahomie Junk squad snuck in as #6 seed....stars aligned....Won the chip by 50. DJ(hou) K. Hunt Money Mike(tb) Cooks Tonyan 4-Net J. Smith(idp,dal)
  4. Ju-Ju MUST score 7 LESS points than Claypool in half pt PPR. Poopy dust on Ju-Ju.
  5. I do not remember the opponent. I saw it live on RedZone and immediately started searching for an alternative...just in case.
  6. He got rocked a few weeks back. I thought for sure he was concussed. He was walking on water before the hit. He seems like a boxer that took a hard uppercut, in round 7, and is just trying to get through the fight without anyone thinking his cage has been rattled.
  7. Yep. With Ronnie Jones out...Harris was my backup plan. Now it’s Sony. [...]
  8. Originally went with Carr....switched to Jimmy. Watson on bye.
  9. I’m rolling him out fresh of the waiver wire. He’s gotta score sometime...right?? Fresh off a BYE. This is the week.
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