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  1. Where’s the “Marte Partay” guy from previous years?? 2 days in a row with a blast. Tonight’s was a no doubter off the bat.
  2. I wouldn’t recommend this but....Ronny Acuna could net you half a new roster if you have the balls.
  3. Ian Kennedy locked one down in extras with a runner starting at 2nd. Got the 1st batter to fly out...then went K-K to end it. He was sitting at 94-95 with his fastball, FYI.
  4. I’d replace Altuve permanently with Lux if he’s available.
  5. Perfect game alert. Rodon is perfect through 8 vs Cle.
  6. The guy is on pace for a 40/40 season for Christ sakes. Over 100 ribbies as well. We knew his Avg would be volatile...but yikes. Dude is gonna be just fine.
  7. I watched too. I liked how quick he worked. He was on the rubber waiting for the batter throughout. I’d like to see a little more of him out of the stretch. His full wind up is a thing of beauty. He threw 1 ball down the middle to Longoria in his previous at bat. Just missed a HR. That’s why they yanked him at 3 2/3 I believe. Fully onboard with this gem.
  8. Who is this guy? How hustles this hard and has had the skills of this guy?? Not sure I’ve ever seen this combination in a player for years. Can’t think of who he resembles as a player.
  9. Game ppd in Minny because of a BLACK FEMALE police officer gunned down a 20 yr old boy in the streets during a traffic stop. He was pulled over for having air fresheners dangling from his rear view. They pulled him out after they found he had a warrant for arrest. He wiggled away and tried to bolt. Lady police officer thought she had her taser out...and smoked the dude point blank. He attempted to drive away from the assault and later crashed after his heart stopped beating. His girlfriend witnessed it all riding shotty. There is lots of unrest in the streets since the murder of this
  10. How’s the weather near St.Louis for the game today?? Anyone live in the area?
  11. We get zeros across the board for empty slots in my CBS league. No stats for the day with “roster warning” highlighted in red at top of page.
  12. I wish Karinchak would go back to his old role. He was more valuable than a lot of starters last season. He’d get some 8-10K weeks with zeros across ERA-WHIP.
  13. Sons of Pitches is a good one in my league. My team name, Jetty Spaghetti, is after the late/great Jose Fernandez(RIP)
  14. Is this guy alive??? What’s the deal here???
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