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  1. Dude are you high???? You get to pick ONE of those!! say you take showtime in round 3 and Kenyan drake in round 8.. that’s a 30 point / week player and a 12 point (6 patd, 0.5ppr). compare that to taking Aaron Jones and a Carson wentz (and all other players from round 4,5,6,7 are the same).. that’s a 15 point player and a 22 player.. 42 > 37 kid, not to mention the exponential floor and ceiling of showtime
  2. Zeke made his god damn bed when he CHOSE to become a RB... he knew they don't get the top $$s, he needs to live with that and play out his contract... I know he's not the smartest guy getting into trouble all the time and came from a very poorly educated college, but this is something he has got to live with.
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