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  1. anyone see it? they're calling it a contusion. did he get kneed in the thigh or something?
  2. Aldridge done. Is it Claxton time? Griffin will miss plenty of games.
  3. Yes, absolutely a league winner. If hes still available in any leagues everyone better pounce while they still can.
  4. Morejon strained his forearm. Any chance Gore gets the call?
  5. I like Alzolay tomorrow as a Monday SP streamer vs. MIL. Cubs are in a funk and need a W - Yelich was removed from today's game so I'm assuming he won't be playing tomorrow. Good chance for a QS/W.
  6. I don't know about you but the only pitch of his that looks to have lateral movement is his changeup which tails down and away from lefties. At the 10:34 mark you'll see him throw 2 pitches (the first two of the at bat) that have true 2 seam movement. I'd like to see more of that going forward.
  7. After watching him pitch the last two games I'm strongly debating a drop (or trade). He just looks very average. I remember when he came up his lateral movement on his fastball was nasty. Now everything is coming in very straight and he doesn't seem to have control of the strike zone. I hope he figures something out soon.
  8. Is there a projected return date for Severino?
  9. I searched for relevant topics but my computer was laggy this morning and wouldn't put my search through so if this needs to be moved feel free to do so, MODS. I am wondering if anyone has any sneaky late season pick ups that may be a big factor down the stretch do to teams tanking etc. - preferably guys who are currently unowned in most leagues. For me, guys like Roby, Kira Lewis, Melton etc seem to fit the bill. Anyone else care to weigh in on this?
  10. is there any reason to think Diekman can run away with the job?
  11. Watching the live highlights on MLB Network is brutal. Why are the scores at the bottom of the screen cut off by that banner?
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