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  1. Maybe? But he's far from the only one that can rack up yardage on the team. In their past 3 games, Cowboys have given up an average of only 171 passing yards, but 196 rushing yards. They've also given up defensive TDs in 2 of the last 3, and that was against worse defenses than PIT. They're also starting Garrett Gilbert at QB, so things aren't getting any better. I'm not saying Diontae can't have a big game, but it's very possible we see a defensive TD, a couple Connor TDs, and that's game.
  2. Anyone worried about the game script this weekend? It's a great matchup on paper, but a couple weeks ago when PIT went up big early on CLE they barely threw the ball at all. 22 pass attempts for 162 yards total. With how big of a mismatch this is, the game could be over by halftime, and the passing game will go away.
  3. This. It was one game, people are so reactionary. The whole SF offense was terrible last week. I'm expecting closer to his role from Weeks 1 & 2 going forward, assuming the SF offense as a whole figures out what went wrong last week.
  4. Murphy makes more sense as an every day DH to me. Gives room on the IF for McMahon or Hampson or Rodgers. Kemp could occasionally DH or be a 4th/5th OF, but it doesn't seem like he has much gas left in the tank. That said, this would be a "logical" way to do it, which is likely not the "Rockies" way of doing it.
  5. The thing that drives me crazy, though, is how the Rays trading for a player suddenly makes them such a much better prospect. Before this trade most lists had Arozarena around #15-20 in the Cards' system, and most at 40 or 45 FV. The Rays made a pretty poor trade, and now all the TB apologists have come out of the woodwork on Twitter to talk up Arozarena like he has some immense upside. Saw people suggesting he "could be good enough to rate 50 FV". Give me a break, you thought he was a nobody yesterday. The Rays wanting him doesn't suddenly make him some kind of top prospect. Sure, A
  6. His power is the real deal. Does he even have that long of an injury history? I thought a lot of his playing time issues in the past were due to very poor defense and inconsistent hitting. Not to say he's never been hurt, but 2015 was essentially his rookie year. 2016 his playing time was limited due to performance and the Cubs ascending into a legit contender. Traded to KC for 2017 when he did have some nagging injuries, but again was largely limited by poor play. 2018 missed most of the year with a toe fracture (not exactly an "injury prone" kind of injury). I think now that he's
  7. This is kind of splitting hairs, but he had 22 SB in 499 PA in 2017, 32 SB in 595 PA in 2018, and 15 SB in 244 PA before his call-up in 2019. If you look at pace of SB per 600 PA, it's works out to about a 26 SB pace in 2017, the 32 in 2018, and 37 SB pace in 2019. So you can see a clear progression in his base stealing getting stronger every year, and that's all while steadily moving up levels in MiLB and being consistently young for every level he played in. He's also only graded out as having 45/50 Speed on the standard scouting 80 scale, so it isn't like he's got tons of raw speed bu
  8. With questions about the juice level of the ball, he's exactly the kind of bargain / underrated power bat I want. 18.5 degree LA and solid average HR distance suggests he doesn't necessarily need a juiced ball to hit dongs. If the ball becomes more pitcher-friendly then HRs will come at more of a premium, and Yaz could really end up being a bargain. The kind of hitter I'm leery of is one that has a lower LA and lower percentile average HR distance. Just take LeMahieu for example. Jumped from a career high of 15 HR (and that was hitting at Coors!) to 26 HR in 2019 with the super-juiced ba
  9. That's a valid point, but I think a big part of that is the roster construction of the Giants teams of the last decade+. Oracle is a poor HR park for sure, which doesn't help. But the organization as a whole seems to very much be focused on adding "well rounded" or line-drive hitters, and has completely ignored the fly-ball revolution that's taken place. Buster Posey, Longoria, Crawford, Belt, etc have been some of the most tenured bats over that time span, and none of those guys are power hitters by any stretch of the imagination. I'd be more alarmed if you saw power hitters going t
  10. That's also not even touching on the fact that Rendon is now going to be hitting directly behind the best hitter on the planet, with Ohtani hitting cleanup behind him. If there was ever a situation for him to repeat his career year stats, this is pretty much it.
  11. Anyone trying to say Rendon is not a top 100 or top 50 player for 2020 has zero credibility. Just take a glance at his Statcast if you don't think he's an elite hitter. The whole thing is lit up bright red. Near the top of the league in Hard Hit%, EV, xBA, xOBA, pretty much everything. The Player Comparison feature, which compares Rendon's batted ball and hitting profile against the rest of the league, shows the two closest matches to him are Bellinger and Betts. If you think a hitter in the upper percentile of every batted ball metric, elite K/BB rate, and who's profile is m
  12. This is probably a name that isn't going to have much interest for standard 10 or 12 team mixed leagues, but in deeper leagues I think he's someone worth talking about. I just recently made a deal for him in my dynasty league, and was a little surprised at the amount of negative feedback I got on it. It seems like the vast majority of people don't believe in what Yaz did in 2019. Even among fantasy 'experts' there seems like a wide range of expectations for him in 2020, with some ranking him closer to 200th overall, and others closer to 400th overall. My feeling after doing research on
  13. This may be an unpopular take, but I think Hudson is being massively overrated by the baseball community since his playoff run with the Nats. I'm a Jays fan and watched him tons earlier in the year before he got traded, and he was just "meh". High walk rate (4.31 BB/9), inconsistent control, non-elite K-rate, FIP of 4.19 that looked every bit deserved. And all of this matched what he had been for several years prior - just a high variance middle reliever that struggles to throw strikes. Then he gets traded at the deadline to the Nats, somehow walked almost nobody (despite poor walk rat
  14. I agree with that assessment, I'd take Smith's upside over Ramos or Perez any day if given the choice. Will Smith seems to be a guy that fluctuates a ton depending on whose rankings you're looking at, and I feel like there will be an owner or two in every draft that will take him a lot earlier than consensus. Seems like a guy that could gain a lot of hype as the off-season progresses. He is one of the few catchers that have the upside to end up as top-3 at the position this year. But that's not to say there isn't also significant risk - I don't fully trust the Dodgers and how they hand
  15. Interesting article, but I also don't see any kind of corresponding velocity or spin increase to go along with his mechanical changes. You would think if the reason for optimism is a mechanical change in his delivery, that there would be some tangible change in either velocity, or movement, or something. However he does throw hard to begin with, so the potential is definitely there to improve.
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