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  1. Hello..I have a 12 team yahoo league am in search of 2 replacements owners today..The league has been around since 2002 and generally has the same people come back each season. The league has good competitive friendly owners. It is a redraft league so if you join please plan on coming back next season if you like participating in the league. Its a pretty basic setup .One team is in 4th place and 1 team is in 9th place but only 1 game out of the last playoff spot. If you are interested in joining shoot me an email at matt519hew@yahoo.com and let me know why you would be a good fit and I will s
  2. Need Replacement Owner


    Id be interested in joining. c15o45@yahoo.com

  3. I need a replacement owner for a free yahoo league..It has been around for over 10 years with the same core group coming back every year..The team is pretty good but hasn't been managed since the draft..It is 12 teams pretty much normal yahoo settings. Players include: evans,golloday,kamara,ingram,kittle,l.jackson, If interested message me. I am looking for an active owner that will stick around and hopefully keep coming back year after year..Its a good group of guys..
  4. I have 3 openings that need filled asap..Its a longtime league been around for 20 years..One guy did not show for the draft and 2 other guys quit due to not agreeing about a trade...If interested shoot me an email at matt519hew@yahoo.com ..basic yahoo settings.
  5. I have 1 opening in a Free 12 Team Yahoo Dynasty League that has been around since 2003. Its pretty basic categories and positions...Nothing crazy.. Here is the team and you can keep as many players as you want.. Email me at matt519hew@yahoo.com for more info if needed or tell me if you would like the team..Its an active league with good guys. Charlie Blackmon  182/626 119 29 70 12 .291 .358 Josh Donalds
  6. Hello I have a league opening due to someone not submitting their keepers last night. The league has been around for 15 or so years. We pretty much have the same owners from year to year and its always a good clean fun league. I need someone that will be active all season no matter how good your team is and give me your keepers today so i can input them into the system. You can keep up to 8 players and you forfeit the round selected last season to keep the player. The team has the fourth pick. Shoot me an email at matt519hew@yahoo.com and tell me why you would be a good fit. If you need to k
  7. ROCKSTAR OWNER/GENERAL MANAGER NEEDED FOR 32 TEAM/IDP SALARY CAP/CONTRACT DYNASTY LEAGUE The X-treme Fantasy Football (“XFF”) League is looking for a highly motivated, skilled individual, who is passionate about dynasty style fantasy football, sports business, and sports media to become franchise owner, general manager, and team executive. This opening is for candidates who want to build and manage a franchise 365 days a year, who have a taste for scouting and long-term roster planning, who love to produce content about fantasy football, and who want to invest in something that wil
  8. Hello we are looking for a very active owner for this league. It is a year round league with something going on all through the year. We use Slack to communicate with each other. Here is a brief overview of the league and shoot me an email for more details and I will answer any questions. matt519hew@yahoo.com League Summary 32 teams divided between 2 conferences, each with its own player universe 45 min / 53 max size player rosters, 10 man taxi squad, 10 man injured reserve League Salary cap mirrors real NFL cap Variable length contracts (1-4 years) for all player
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