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  1. Recent trade i made for Thomas for reference. I think like it, didnt really want Ertz tho. The other guys was very adamant about including the D/STs for some reason. Received; Michael Thomas James Conner Zach Ertz Seahawks D/ST Sent; JuJu Smith-Schuster Leonard Fournette Will Fuller V Steelers D/ST
  2. i can see that. he looks a little quicker with his steps tho. similar to kamara to me.
  3. for context, im down by 37 points. so theres a good chance that it doesn't matter who I start. right now I have lewis and drake, but Im pretty sure I gotta put Cooks in, hope he blows up. kinda leaning towards drake for the other spot tho.
  4. I got two slots left for tonight and three possible players. just wondering what you guys are thinking. Pick Two: Brandon Cooks, Dion Lewis, Kenyan Drake. Thanks in advance for those who help.
  5. so they are hearing the case again on Thursday (11/09/2017). it will be interesting if they have a ruling by the end of the week or not. I think id rather have him this week, then let him serve his suspension, rather than him starting it right now and having to hold him until week 16, if im even still playing in week 16. obviously id rather just have him the rest of the season, but im not sure that's gonna happen. fingers crossed tho! https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/11/05/ezekiel-elliott-talks-preparing-chiefs-short-notice-status-next-week
  6. he would be suspended weeks 10-15. so he could still play in your championship game.
  7. What if the regression has already begun, and its in the negative direction...
  8. Take a minute to read this. I think he will get his PI once the judge gets back from wherever the heck she's vacationing.
  9. I laughed at the guy in my league when he dropped $99 FAAB on him. I also played, and lost to that guy this week. im not laughing anymore
  10. Well you said WR2/WR3. Borderline. In my mind a wr1 is 1-12, wr2 is 13-24, and wr3 is 25-36. That's for a 12 man league of coarse. So when u say borderline 2/3, I think you mean wr25, give or take. That being said, I see him as wr 8-12 at the end of the year. So I don't think we view him that much differently, just a communication issue.
  11. So you think he will finish outside of the top 25 receivers this year? Outside of the top 30?
  12. So the NFLPA filed for a full panel hearing now? Sounds like they are just gonna keep throwing lawyers at the NFL. I think his suspension is gonna either be pushed till next year, or be pushed to the fantasy playoffs. Gonna be interesting
  13. Expected to play http://www.rotoworld.com/recent/nfl/8411/travis-kelce
  14. Also, Thomas had an ECR of 6 (overall: 13) prior to drafting and Cooks was 10 (overall: 19). not sure where your getting those numbers. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/ppr-wr-cheatsheets.php
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