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  1. CBS does, but they're a crap shoot. They have crazy projections for certain guys like 32 HR rest of season, but they've never approached 25 in a season before.
  2. I'd drop McCullers for Rogers. The guy looks legit & could be really good, we already know what McCullers is. That's a chance I'd be willing to take.
  3. I'm suffering with both of these guys as well. I'm much more confident in Arozarena than Teoscar. At least Arozarena is hitting singles...
  4. You can't trade Lynn with that pitching staff, without him your staff would be terrible. I agree you need help at 2B, but trade from whatever position you're strongest in.
  5. Yeah, I'd trade a guy I picked up off the WW for Lamet. Who know's how he'll look when he comes back, but even if he's 85% of last year, that's the upside I'd want.
  6. Happ is a nice player, but the Cubs are looking like a bottom-5 offense. I don't think he's anything more than a 5th OF at this point, and I'm a Cubs fan.
  7. I'd rather have Haniger. McMahon has played every one of his games so far at Coors, I fear he may be fool's gold.
  8. I would not be buying Hiura & his 50% K rate at this point. There's got to be a better 1B out there via trade or on the WW.
  9. I've had to start him a few times in past seasons when I had injury issues at SS, He can be really streaky. If you catch him in a hot streak, all is good. Once he cools back down, you'll have a wasted week & be scouring the WW again. Being on the Twins is a plus & should keep him more productive than he was in Atl or LA.
  10. I think I'd rather have Semien than Baez alone. Getting a closer too? Take it and run.
  11. It's a league that Saves matter much more than anything else for RPs, and only about 25 RPs are rostered. Very small bench, most teams don't carry any bench RPs, just cut & add a new one. If Merryweather doesn't work out, I can add the next flavor of the week for saves. Karinchak is still sitting on waivers 2 days later, could probably get him back if I wanted.
  12. I'm sitting him this week. A couple tough matchups & uncertainty about whether he'll play today, plus who knows how he'll hit with a sore wrist.
  13. The only reason I can see that it may not continue, is opportunity. I dumped Karinchak for him.
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