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  1. Guys that were slated to start the season on IL are probably most positively impacted by this delay. And if MLB decides to go with a shortened season, I feel that fragile guys should see uptick in their value. Athough some might argue that in shortened season, even a minimum 10 day stint has more negative impact than it would in a regular length season because you can't use him, it also means if they are healthy, their contribution accounts for more in shorter season than it would in regular season. Since a lot of the guys in such situations are relatively affordable on draft da
  2. I guess hes one of the guy who sees uptick in value from covid with potential for a shortened season.
  3. Honestly don't know what the fuss is about this guy. His minor league numbers don't look that fantastic at all. Seems like he's mediocre in just about every category, power, speed, plate discipline.. Can somebody fill me in?
  4. They can just a bunch of double headers. or triple..?
  5. Well they say theyd go to hell to find a southpaw...
  6. Wood can easily go to the pen imo. From what I know, they dont have that many lefties in the pen.
  7. My guess is that it stays juiced. They're all about $$$. If you haven't seen the Bauer's video on twitter about MLB being dumb... you should check it out xD More or less I agree with him haha.
  8. "We" will never, ever, ever learn, will we? This was SO predicted... Yet we just couldn't resist 😢
  9. Any Yankees fan or researchers know who's starting in place for Stanton? Roster Resources has Tauchman starting alongside Judge and Gardner for now but who knows. I think I also heard Judge may not be ready to start the season.. Also Jordan Mont and Loaisiga are penciled in as 4th and 5th. But the last time Mont pitched volume of innings was in 17 with 150 IP and Loaisiga hasn't topped 80 IP yet in his career. Any insight into this situation?
  10. Hasnt it been like that with him forever? Hes a career 8.5k/9 3bb/9 guy. I feel like theres a considerable amount of hype around them tho. Is it because of the declining workhorses?
  11. Gleyber is a keeper of mine but I wouldnt be surprised if Mous goin 60 picks later outproduces him..
  12. Who do you see batting 2nd if Soto is 4th? I hear some news that Robles will leadoff with Trea battin 3rd. I was assuming Soto would be 2nd
  13. What Sidearmer is trying to say is, how do we know that this is his "bad" year not his "average" or "good" year. And I agree with above post saying the lineups isn't a lock for full season. It can change as quickly as a month.
  14. Im in an OBP league but I'm not expecting my league mates to let him go at a "discount." He's an OBP beast and has always been. I expect him to be drafted round 7~10ish. Maybe even higher if somebody reaches for last years #. Which STILL makes him a decent bargain IMO. I'm sure you know this already but you shouldn't expect him to fall that much if you are in an OBP league.
  15. Nobody is concerned about his velo drop? Which I believe was one of the reasons for his struggle and could mean he wont ever be who he was.
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